LetsTryAi.com is a website started by three friends to educate people on how to use modern tools powered by artificial intelligence. We believe that AI is going to be as significant as the Internet itself, and our mission is to explain how you could benefit from using tools made with this technology.

My name is Milan and I write most of the content for the website. Like many people, I fell in love with AI tools around the time Midjourney was first released to the public. My fascination with them grew following the release of ChatGPT. It didn't take much time for me to come to the realization of how impactful this technology is and will be in the future.

My brother Dusan and our mutual friend (who chose to stay behind the scenes for now) share the same interest in AI and we came up with the idea for this website. The name of the website was created with the help of ChatGPT. The chatbot made by OpenAI suggested it in a list of several potential names for a website about modern AI tools.

letstryai domain ideas
Just one of many things ChatGPT is good at

First, we asked ChatGPT to give us some domain name ideas that have "AI" in their name. Since ChatGPT got a bit too creative, we asked it to stick to .com domains. Finally, we asked it to give us only domain name ideas that have a word that rhymes with "AI." We liked idea number 5 and we simply added Let's in front of the name since that particular domain was already taken.

The title tag for this website was created with the AI content platform Jasper. Obviously, we could've done all of this ourselves but we wanted to use these tools for any detail we could when we started working on Let's Try Ai.

What can you expect from the content on this website?

You can expect to find interesting and useful information on how to use AI-powered tools for your benefit, regardless of your profession. You can also expect to get a lot of practical examples in every article. We vow to explain everything in the simplest way possible and make the knowledge I share accessible to everyone.

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