Dall-E 3 Prompts for NFT Art (12 Prompt Examples)

Any image can be turned into an NFT by storing it on a blockchain and this guide will teach you how to write prompts for NFTs using Dall-E.

I remember hearing about NFTs for the first time in 2020. I didn't think much of them at first, but as I started to research the underlying concept and technology, I became confident that it would be only a matter of time before it became widespread.

NFTs can represent a fun way to kickstart small companies and help digital artists make a living. There's also a good chance that the technology will be used for issuing everything from concert tickets to important documents in the future.

This article will focus mostly on helping AI artists learn how to write prompts for NFTs so they can attract an audience online and gain potential buyers for their art.

dalle prompts for nft art

What Are NFTs?

NFTs, otherwise referred to as non-fungible tokens, represent records on a blockchain usually associated with a digital asset. There are different types of NFTs. Some help you gain access to gated online communities, while others give you an original piece of art.

Many digital artists have used NFTs in recent years to both market and sell their art. Buyers are interested in purchasing art in the form of NFTs because the digital signature associated with the asset helps verify that the art they bought is authentic.

I've seen thousands of examples of NFTs in the last few years. In this article, I'll do my best to generate images that resemble what you'd usually see in the NFT space. However, I will add a unique spin on it. 

How to Write Dall-E 3 Prompts for NFT Art

Although I've seen some artists promote and sell their AI art as NFTs, I think that this is still (at the time of writing this article) pretty much an untapped market. Because of this, it can be quite fruitful to try and enter this particular space.

The best way to promote your AI art is through social media platforms like Twitter/X, Instagram, and so on. You can share your artwork on these websites, build an audience, and connect with other artists. However, you should be prepared to give away your work for free for several months before you actually start selling it.

Most people think of illustrated animal pictures when they hear the term NFT. This mostly has to do with the popularity of a collection called Bored Ape Yacht Club, which became insanely popular a few years ago. Although many NFT collections contain these types of images, there is a lot of variety among non-fungible tokens.

One of the examples of great NFTs that I love involves those presented by a platform known as Art Blocks. This platform has taken the popularity of certain digital artists to insane levels.

When it comes to writing prompts for NFT art, there is no particular set of instructions that you should follow. It's on you to express yourself creatively so that you generate images that reflect your personality and imagination. I will say that Dall-E 3 has an excellent level of comprehension, so you can write your instructions in a conversational manner and the model will pick up on what you're saying.

You can also include important information in your prompts, such as the color palette that should be used, a particular art style, aspect ratio, etc. Let me show you some of the NFT art I created using Dall-E 3.

12 Dall-E 3 Prompt Examples for NFT Art

Since a big part of the NFT space involves illustrated characters that can be used as profile pictures, I made sure to include both those examples as well as digital artworks in my prompts. Now, let's check out some Dall-E 3 prompts for NFTs.

prompt #1: abstract art, recursive symmetry, a minimalist exploration of repeating patterns, inviting contemplation on the interconnectedness of existence

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 1

I really like this type of art because I can look at it for a huge amount of time and still feel like I'm seeing it for the first time. You can also interpret the image in a variety of ways.

prompt #2: psychedelic art, cosmic alchemy, merging elements into a primordial cosmic soup, the genesis of existence, whispers from the cosmic weaver, time being woven into the fabric of reality

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 2

If you've read some of my other articles that include prompt examples for text-to-image AI models, you probably saw at least a few images that contain cosmic elements. I've always been fascinated by the universe, which is why you'll often see me writing prompts like this. It's important to incorporate your interests in what you create.

prompt #3: close-up shot, upper body portrait, flat illustration in manga style, tech-savvy android engineer with holographic tools, creating sentient machines for a futuristic society, nft

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 3

Although I included the keyword "nft" in this prompt, it doesn't really have too much of an impact on the overall image. It's also worth noting that sometimes when you write the word "portrait" in your prompt, the AI model may generate an image with a 2:3 or 3:4 aspect ratio. If you want the image to feature the default aspect ratio, simply include "aspect ratio 1:1" at the end of your prompt.

prompt #4: abstract art, fractal symphony, intricate patterns giving birth to cascading universes, an exploration of the infinite within simplicity

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 4

Fractals are present everywhere in nature. That's what makes them so spectacular. When you want to create a fractal image in the abstract art style using a text-to-image AI model like Dall-E, you'll often end up with amazing results.

prompt #5: 2D flat illustration, upper body portrait, swift pixie archer with glowing arrows, defending enchanted forests and secrets of arcane origins

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 5

I feel like this character could easily be in an animated TV show. The wings are especially impressive here. The details featured on the wings are breathtaking.

prompt #6: close-up shot, upper body portrait, flat illustration, enigmatic figure shrouded in starlight, holding a constellation mask and cloak

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 6

Let's say that you wanted to launch a generative AI collection filled with interesting characters that people could use as profile pictures. I believe that prompts like this would be excellent for such NFTs.

prompt #7: surreal art, forgotten dreams of a celestial civilization, ethereal whispers, cosmic equations unraveling the mysteries of the universe, time-worn artifacts of a cosmic library

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 7

Although we perceive the world as normal, everything around us is surreal. That's why surreal art often makes you think about the world and life in general. This is an intriguing piece that incorporates the surreal nature of our world.

prompt #8: abstract art, mind's kaleidoscope, a vibrant representation of the subconscious mind's journey through alternate realities and surreal landscapes

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 8

This is an art piece that I would gladly hang on my wall. Even though I'm fully aware of the capabilities of AI models like Dall-E 3, images like this one always pleasantly surprise me.

prompt #9: surreal art, cryptic manuscripts of an ancient extraterrestrial society, cosmic algorithms, emergence of sentient life through mathematical harmony, arcane, mysterious, ancient revelations

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 9

There is so much going on in this particular image. Sometimes, it makes me feel like these AI models have a better understanding than people think.

prompt #10: abstract composition, symbiotic metamorphosis, an artistic rendering of life's perpetual transformation, capturing the essence of evolutionary cycles

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 10

You can always generate unique images with AI-powered tools as long as you think carefully about which words you're going to use in your prompts. As long as the prompt is unique, the image will be unique too.

prompt #11: close-up shot, upper body portrait, flat illustration in manga style, ethereal sorceress in a high-fantasy world, emanating a radiant green aura as she resurrects the fallen and heals the wounded

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 11

I've drifted away into the surreal world too much, so I had to make sure I include at least one more example of a character. It might be my personal preference, but I think that Dall-E 3 does an awesome job when it comes to creating characters in a manga style.

prompt #12: psychedelic painting, ethereal dreamscapes, a visual voyage into the depths of the artist's subconscious, navigating surreal terrains amidst altered consciousness

dalle 3 nft art prompt example 12

If you look at this image really closely, you will notice big cities, a highway, mountains, and other objects. However, I didn't mention any of this specifically in my prompt. I only mentioned "surreal terrains". The Dall-E 3 model is simply that good at interpreting prompts.

Final Thoughts

Any image can be turned into an NFT by storing it on a blockchain. There are many different blockchains that you can use to mint NFTs, including Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, and more. It's up to you to pick a blockchain that you think has a solid community and can help you gain exposure as an artist.

When you're selling your AI-generated artworks as NFTs, it's important to always be transparent that the images were created with the help of artificial intelligence. Apart from that, you should simply have fun, practice every day, and express yourself creatively until you build an audience that will be happy to purchase your artwork.

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