Dall-E 3 Prompts for Wall Art (12 Prompt Examples)

When I look at some of the images I made with Dall-E 3, I immediately feel like they're worthy of being hung on a wall in my home.

When people start interacting with text-to-image AI models for the first time, they're usually blown away by the quality of images these models can produce from a simple text prompt. Those who persist and learn how to interact better with these models discover that the images a person can create are truly works of art.

Since I've started using AI-powered tools like Dall-E and Midjourney, I've created at least tens of thousands of images. I'm not as easily impressed with the results I get as I once was, but I still find myself generating images that make a lasting impression on me from time to time.

When I look at some of the images I made with Dall-E 3, I immediately feel like they're worthy of being hung on a wall in my home. They also feel special because I played a role in creating them by crafting a prompt that triggered the AI model to generate the image.

Despite many people not wanting to admit it, we're currently seeing the evolution of digital art. I personally don't see that as a threat to traditional artists, even though that seems to be a popular debate these days. What I do see is a novel tool helping more people find a way to express their creativity.

dalle prompts for wall art

How to Write Dall-E 3 Prompts for Wall Art

In this section of the article, I will talk about the strategy you can use to write prompts for wall art. However, there is no simple answer to a question like "how to write Dall-E 3 prompts for wall art?" That would be like asking an artist how to create art. The best tip I can give you right off the bat is to incorporate your personality and imagination in the prompt you write. That's the only way you'll make the generated results stand out.

The thing that separates Dall-E 3 from most other text-to-image models is its level of coherence. This is something you should be aware of as a user since it will greatly impact the way you interact with the model. Dall-E 3 is perfectly capable of understanding your prompts even if you write them in a conversational tone. This is something you can't expect from other similar models and can be attributed to Dall-E 3 being developed by the same company that gave us ChatGPT.

Despite the fact that it's possible to write instructions for Dall-E 3 in a conversational manner, this is not something I usually do. Instead, my strategy is to write a concise string of instructions that I provide to the model. I only include the most essential information in my prompts that I want to ensure is included in the generated result.

The quality of an image created by Dall-E 3 has a lot to do with the context you provide it with. That's why you should consider including a variety of information in your prompt, such as the art style, color palette, overall theme in an image, objects you want featured, and so on. I'll show you exactly what I mean with some of my prompt examples.

12 Dall-E 3 Prompt Examples for Wall Art

I had a lot of fun writing prompts for this specific article. I tried to imagine what type of art I would like to hang on a wall in my home. I had to incorporate some of my interests and parts of my personality to write the following prompts. I hope you enjoy them.

prompt #1: cubism art style, a bustling marketplace in a futuristic city, where people and objects are fragmented into angular shapes, reflecting the complexity of urban life, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 1

I'm no expert when it comes to art styles, but I don't think that this image would fully qualify as cubism. Nevertheless, it does contain certain elements present in that specific style. The accuracy is not too important here in my opinion because this is quite an impressive image regardless.

prompt #2: fantasy art style, a mystical forest where trees are made of crystal, illuminated by the soft glow of magical fireflies, and mythical creatures reside in harmony, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 2

I grew up on a lot of fantasy-themed books, TV shows, movies, and video games. I think I'll be a fantasy fan for the rest of my life, and images like this one certainly bring me a lot of joy.

prompt #3: futurism art style, a high-speed train racing through a tunnel of light, representing the velocity of progress and the unstoppable momentum of technological advancement

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 3

I previously mentioned how good Dall-E 3 is at recognizing instructions that you put in a prompt. Here, the representation of the velocity of progress and unstoppable momentum is perfectly pictured.

prompt #4: abstract art, a cosmic dance of interconnected galaxies, each swirl representing the interplay of cosmic forces shaping the universe into a tapestry of celestial wonders, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 4

The cosmos is the biggest mystery that mankind will ever face. It's impossible to know if we'll ever crack the code of the universe. I love thinking about it though because we're essentially made out of the same elements that comprise the cosmos.

prompt #5: metaphysical art style, an ancient library with books that contain the essence of forgotten memories, each page holding a glimpse into the mysteries of the past, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 5

I sometimes ponder how history would be different if the Library of Alexandria was never burned to the ground. It's difficult to say how much forgotten knowledge was in that library. Apart from being wall art, I could see this image being used as a reference for a TV show or movie set in ancient times.

prompt #6: glitch art portrait, a fractured mirror reflecting the distorted identity of a digital entity, revealing a fragmented sense of self in the ever-evolving digital age, aspect ratio 3:4

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 6

Nearly all of the images featured in this article have a landscape aspect ratio. That's the format I prefer, but I still wanted to include at least one portrait. This image conveys how humanity has evolved in this digital age. I feel like this could also serve as a great album cover.

prompt #7: pop art aesthetic, a bustling retro-futuristic space station with astronauts and robots in vibrant, comic book-inspired colors, portraying a lively and optimistic vision of the future, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 7

I love the color palette used here, which is common for the pop art aesthetic. I guess that people in the mid-20th century envisioned a future similar to this.

prompt #8: impressionism art style, a sunlit meadow with wildflowers swaying in the breeze, capturing the ephemeral beauty of a fleeting moment in nature, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 8

Before I started sharing my Dall-E 3 prompt examples for wall art, I mentioned how I incorporated parts of my personality and certain interests into the prompts. But I wanted to make sure there was at least one image that would look great for a majority of people. This scene gives off a peaceful vibe, and the impressionism art style fits it perfectly.

prompt #9: fantasy art style, a mythical city in the clouds, supported by colossal floating islands and connected by majestic bridges made of rainbow-colored light, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 9

This looks like an incredibly fun city. If fantasy worlds really existed, this is where I would want to live. I have to say that Dall-E 3 is phenomenal at illustrating small details that provide a lot of context to the overall image.

prompt #10: acid art style, a journey through a futuristic desert with psychedelic sand dunes, morphing landscapes, and vibrant mirages, creating an otherworldly and mind-bending experience, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 10

There is something about the combination of the acid art style and a desert setting that makes this image really stand out to me. The night sky also looks incredible. If you like psychedelic art, you're probably going to love this image.

prompt #11: dystopian cyberpunk future, an abandoned and overgrown megacity, where nature reclaims the concrete jungle, intertwining with decaying technology in a post-apocalyptic landscape, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 11

Post-apocalyptic scenery is always interesting to imagine. What would huge cities look like if people stopped living in them for multiple decades? I hope that we never find out. Whatever happens in the future, there is one thing that I know for sure - nature always reclaims everything.

prompt #12: metaphysical art style, a series of doorways suspended in a cosmic void, each leading to alternate dimensions and realities, symbolizing the infinite possibilities of existence, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 wall art prompt example 12

I love it when I explain concepts that are difficult to grasp to text-to-image models like Dall-E 3. I'm always eager to see the results they generate from prompts like the one above. This is among my favorite images that I made with this specific AI model.

Final Thoughts

The capabilities of a text-to-image AI model like Dall-E 3 are difficult to grasp even when you've used this tool countless times. There is no way that I could've predicted even a few years ago that a tool this advanced would be available to the public so soon.

Despite the fact that Dall-E 3 is extremely useful and advanced, I've noticed that many people have yet to start using it. Although you could use this model in a variety of ways, I suggest that you start interacting with it to explore your creative side and create some beautiful art.

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