25 Best Art Styles for Dall-E 3 + Prompt Examples

Dall-E 3 is familiar with basically any art style. Just include the art style in your prompt and it will apply it to a specific image.

When I first started using text-to-image AI models I didn't think much about mentioning a specific art style in my prompts. Instead, I would just write a very basic description of the image I wanted to see.

But since the first AI model of this kind that I interacted with was Midjourney, I used it in a Discord server filled with a huge number of people and they had a big influence on my prompt writing style.

Back when I started making images with AI, I never thought that I'd end up falling in love with it as much as I did or that I'd even start this website. What I quickly learned was that I needed to learn a lot more about art styles to make better images.

There is basically only one way to get really good at prompting - you need to experiment as much as possible. I've written thousands of prompts so far, and I've noticed that I'm only getting better with time.

best art style for dalle

What Is Dall-E 3?

Before I start talking about the different art styles you can use in your prompts, I want to take a minute to discuss the AI model I'm using.

Dall-E 3 is a text-to-image AI model that was developed by OpenAI. This company is perhaps best known for creating the large language model known as ChatGPT. The third iteration of the Dall-E model is extremely impressive, and you'll get a chance to see what type of results it produces later on in this article.

I wasn't too big of a fan of the first two iterations of this model, but I have to say that Dall-E 3 is absolutely spectacular. It's especially good when you want to make illustrations, and I have a whole article on that topic.

The best way to get access to this text-to-image model is by subscribing to ChatGPT Plus, which is affordable and gives you access to the large language model ChatGPT 4.

Popular Art Styles for Dall-E 3

Applying a specific art style to an image you want to generate with the help of Dall-E 3 is as simple as mentioning it in your prompt. Of course, to get the best results, you'll need to find an art style that perfectly goes along with the theme of your image.

However, you can sometimes get a more artistic result if you intentionally mismatch the art style and the image. You're free to use this type of AI model however you like. There are no barriers since it will always create what you describe (as long as the instructions don't break the rules). So, you're free to use your imagination to the fullest.

There are countless different art styles that you can use for your prompts. I've decided to include some of the most popular ones, as well as the ones that consistently help you generate beautiful results.

I could list all the popular art styles right here, but I'd rather share them along with some great prompt examples.

25 Dall-E 3 Prompt Examples for Art Styles

It would be incredibly difficult to mention all of the different art styles that exist and include prompt examples of them. Instead, I focused on the ones I personally like and think produce great images. My personal preference was how I chose them, so I apologize if I missed your favorite art style.

prompt #1: fantasy art style, mystical land of perpetual storms, inhabited by wizards cloaked in electric blue energy, casting spells that shatter reality into shimmering fragments

dalle 3 fantasy art style prompt example

I grew up playing various video games that were set in fantasy worlds filled with heroes, evil spirits, magic spells, and so on. As a result, I will forever admire the fantasy art style. Every time I see an image like the one above, I get reminded of my childhood when I used to play these games. They have a very nostalgic effect on me.

This is one of my favorite images that I created with the fantasy art style. I like the fact that Dall-E 3 understands every word in my prompt. I appreciate the fact that it generated multiple wizards in this image. The overall aesthetic is amazing. I could see this being used as a poster for an RPG.

prompt #2: abstract art style, explosion of cosmic colors in a surreal space, where energy waves ripple through the fabric of the unknown, a celestial ballet of light and sound

dalle 3 abstract art style prompt example

It's one thing to describe everything you want to see in an image and have an AI model generate it. It's a whole new ball game when you instruct the model to create an abstract piece. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite activities when I'm interacting with text-to-image AI models. The results you can get when you mention the abstract art style in your prompts are incredible.

prompt #3: pixel art style, undead warlord sits upon a bone-thrown throne, surrounded by flickering shadows, sinister glow of ruby-red eyes piercing the darkness

dalle 3 pixel art style prompt example

I've already mentioned this in some of my other articles, but I think that pixel art will become one of the most popular styles in the next few decades. The evolution of computer graphics has been mind-blowing, but nothing captures the beginning of it like pixel art. As we enter an era where it's almost impossible to live without computers, pixel art will become more popular than ever before due to what it symbolizes.

prompt #4: anime art style, lone warrior stands at the edge of a vast canyon, facing an uncharted desert where shadowy monsters reign, tasked with a quest to save the universe

dalle 3 anime art style prompt example

Anime took the world by storm during the 1990s. It was in this decade that it reached mainstream popularity around the world. Ever since then, it's remained one of the most popular art styles in this digital era. I've noticed that a lot of AI artists use this style in their prompts.

prompt #5: neon punk style, rebellious hacker in a world governed by virtual reality, on a mission to decode the ultimate truth behind the digital illusion, city lit with electric neon glow

dalle 3 neon punk style prompt example

Certain hackers have taken on the role of vigilantes in this modern world. They explore the cyber world in order to find truths. I suspect that hackers will have an even bigger presence in the future, as more information becomes available in the digital realm.

prompt #6: comic book style, female hero named luna who commands the moon's power, suit adorned with silver, blue, and black, symbolizing the ever-renewing phases of the moon

dalle 3 comic book style prompt example

Considering how popular comic books were in the mid-20th century, it makes sense why there are so many superhero movies that are coming out in recent years. Comic books help people feel empowered and teach good lessons about morals in a corrupt world. The level of quality you can get from AI models when making comic book art is mind-blowing. This looks like it was created by a professional comic book artist.

prompt #7: cubism art style, young lovers lost in a maze of paradoxical desert, where gravity bends and time loops into ethereal cubist illusions

dalle 3 cubism art style prompt example

There is always a certain level of abstractness in the cubism art style. That's why I made sure to mention abstract ideas in my prompt. What I got as a result is an amazing art piece. I think that you can learn a lot about different art styles simply by using them in your prompts and observing what the AI model creates.

prompt #8: rococo art style, young woman dreams in a secret Eden of blossoms, her joy painting the air with flowers and radiant sunlight

dalle 3 rococo art style prompt example

Rococo is an art style with a very long history. It initially rose to popularity during the first half of the 18th century. This style was popular in France during that time. There are a few errors in this image, including the hands of the woman. But considering the level of detail featured here, what the AI model created is really impressive.

prompt #9: pop surrealism art style, iconic rock star drowns in luxurious excess, surrounded by alcoholic ocean, a lonely shipwreck in a sea of decadence

dalle 3 pop surrealism art style prompt example

Pop surrealism emerged during the beginning of the second half of the 20th century. It represents an underground movement that initially emerged in California. The imagery here perfectly reflects the dark side of being a rock star. Most people can't handle such a huge level of fame, so they resort to vices that ultimately destroy them. There is a lot that you can take from this image.

prompt #10: metaphysical art style, reflection upon missed chances, a gateway to alternate realities, swirling in the sea of unseized opportunities

dalle 3 metaphysical art style prompt example

This turned out way better than I expected. When I described a gateway to alternate realities, I thought that I would see a disc-shaped portal or something similar. However, this gateway looks much better. I wouldn't mind hanging this up on my wall. 

prompt #11: fauvism art style, youth lost in the chaos of urban maze, colors exploding in a city symphony, anonymous faces surging like waves of humanity

dalle 3 fauvism art style prompt example

As a style that strongly favors color, this is an excellent representation of the fauvism art movement. There are certain elements here that don't make sense, but fauvism isn't really about realism. I would say that this image does a great job of showing what it feels like to live in a chaotic urban area.

prompt #12: psychedelic art, eye transfixed by window into soul, infinite patterns swirling into vibrant, otherworldly visions

dalle 3 psychedelic art style prompt example

I made various images in the psychedelic art style using several different generative AI models. This is the first prompt in this style that I wrote for Dall-E 3. Based on this result alone, I can say that this model makes better psychedelic art than any other. The combination of vibrant colors and the insane amount of detail is what makes this image stand out. 

prompt #13: glitch art portrait, cyborg woman stranded in dystopian anomaly, digital malfunctions blending humanity and machine in chaotic harmony

dalle 3 glitch art prompt example

For some reason, when I saw this image I immediately thought that it would make for a great album cover. It would especially make sense to use it as a cover for an EDM album. The image kind of symbolizes where we're going as a civilization. We've already blended with technology more than the average person would like to acknowledge or admit.

prompt #14: watercolor art painting, great pyramid reveals ancient spacecraft, unfurling in a spectacle of mysterious liquid colors

dalle 3 watercolor art prompt example

I haven't really seen watercolor art depict scenes like this. That's why I wanted to think outside of the box and create something different. Watercolor art is a style usually used to depict serene natural landscapes. But I wanted to make something thought-provoking. The result may be a bit strange, but I like how it looks.

prompt #15: cyberpunk portrait, fierce rebel girl grimly armed in shadowy alleys, future metropolis sprawled behind her, a city of glowing eyes

dalle 3 cyberpunk style prompt example

I really didn't expect too much when I wrote "city of glowing eyes", but the level of coherence this AI model displays is absolutely mind-blowing. The glowing eyes featured on the screens behind the main character give off a very spooky vibe.

prompt #16: impressionism style painting, souls gazing at ancient ruins, brushstrokes capturing the mysterious beauty of the past

dalle 3 impressionism style prompt example

I'm so infatuated by ancient ruins that whenever I visit areas where they still stand, I get a feeling that they're more than just physical structures. And that feeling is exactly what inspired me to write this prompt.

prompt #17: minimalist art style, silhouette of a lone tree against a vast, empty horizon, using simplicity to convey a sense of solitude and contemplation

dalle 3 minimalist art style prompt example

In a world of overabundance, minimalism is often overlooked. I like simplicity though, and seeing an image like this instantly has a calming effect on me. I wish more people would take the time to appreciate the simple things in life.

prompt #18: renaissance art style, regal portrait of a noblewoman adorned in intricate, richly detailed clothing, capturing the opulence and grace of the era

dalle 3 renaissance art style prompt example

The Renaissance art style can be traced back to the late 13th century. It's a style that most people are still familiar with today and for a good reason. The fact that this style originated several centuries ago shows that humans have been creative for a very long time.

prompt #19: street art style, urban mural portraying a diverse community coming together, using graffiti and vibrant colors to celebrate unity and diversity

dalle 3 street art style prompt example

This is a very wholesome image. I think that urban neighborhoods across the world should have murals like this that promote diversity and unity.

prompt #20: geometric abstraction art style, precise and calculated shapes forming a visually striking composition, exploring the beauty of geometry and symmetry

dalle 3 geometric abstraction art style prompt example

There are many different types of images that you can create with this art style. You can go into far more detail than I did with my prompt. In fact, I would say that this is a very basic prompt that I wrote since I basically described what you could find in any geometric abstraction art piece.

prompt #21: pointillism art style, serene landscape with a lake reflecting the vibrant colors of a sunset, dots of paint creating a peaceful and harmonious scene

dalle 3 pointillism art style prompt example

Pointillism is a very interesting art style that involves applying small dots of color in different patterns in order to create an image. I have to say that Dall-E 3 is exceptional at understanding different art styles because it's difficult to get a result like this when interacting with nearly all other text-to-image AI models.

prompt #22: acid art style, psychedelic depiction of a mind-bending journey through vibrant and distorted dimensions, embracing the aesthetics of psychedelic experiences

dalle 3 acid art style prompt example

This style is very similar to psychedelic art. As you can see, I even used the word "psychedelic" twice in my prompt because that's what you expect to see in an acid art piece.

prompt #23: steampunk art style, intricate illustration of a fantastical machine or gadget, combining Victorian aesthetics with steam-powered elements and gears

dalle 3 steampunk art style prompt example

People have been imagining what the future will look like for a very long time. In the 19th century, they developed an art style called steampunk to showcase their visions of the future. However, we've come a long way from steam engines. The takeaway here is that it's almost impossible to predict what the future will look like.

prompt #24: woodcut print style, a detailed and textured scene carved into wood, reflecting the traditional printmaking technique with bold lines and rich contrast

dalle 3 woodcut print art style prompt example

Woodcut illustrations are made with a specific relief printing technique that involves the artist carving an image into the surface of a block of wood. However, you can use this art style even when you want to create digital art.

prompt #25: stencil art style, urban artwork created by cutting out stencils and applying spray paint, often used for social or political commentary with bold and striking visuals

dalle 3 stencil art style prompt example

The stencil art style represents a form of graffiti where the artist takes stencils made out of cardboard and paper to easily transfer a design onto a surface. This is an incredibly popular technique. With Dall-E 3, you can use this art style to create stunning digital images.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the prompt examples above, the Dall-E 3 model is perfectly familiar with pretty much any art style you mention. All you have to do is include the art style in your prompt and it will apply it to a specific image.

I would say that it's pretty important for someone who writes prompts to become familiar with many of the different art styles that exist. If you're not into art or design too much like me, then this can be a great opportunity to learn some new terms that you'll use more often in your prompts.

I know that many people right now have ambitions of becoming AI artists. One way to set yourself apart from many other artists is to focus on a few different art styles and include them in most of the images you create. This way, people will recognize your images due to the consistency in design.

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