Create Ads & Branded Content With This AI Design Tool

I love how easy and efficient it is to create ads and photo shoots using AI tools such as Flair.

People have been using Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and other similar text-to-image models to generate design ads and branded content for months. But did you know that there is an AI design tool that specializes in branded content?

Imagine this. You have a photo of a product that you want to sell. You want to take high-quality photos of it to create a good ad. That requires a lot of time and resources. Now, there is a much better, cheaper, and easier way to create the perfect branded content for your products.

The AI design tool I want to talk about today is called Flair. It's an amazing model that enables you to generate amazing scenes that help you represent your product in the best way possible. All you have to do is enter a text prompt, and you'll save countless hours of work and hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You can currently use the AI product photography feature by Flair, and it's awesome. Just sign up on their website and try out the model for free.

Can You Make Ads with AI?

Yes, you can make ads with AI and it's actually not that difficult when you're using new AI tools like Flair.

If you like experimenting with text-to-image models and are active in certain communities with AI artists, you know that many use them to create concepts for products or even scenes for ads. While this is an approach that will save you a lot of time and other valuable resources, it takes a while to come up with the right prompt to create what you want.

Flair makes the entire process much easier and more intuitive. The AI product photography feature is so easy to use that you'll likely start making good images on your second or third try.

flair ai design tool 1

If you visit their website, you'll immediately see an option to watch a demo to see how it works. I suggest that you do it since it won't take up too much of your time. The first video is only two minutes long.

After you watch the first video, you'll probably want to give it a try.

flair ai design tool 2

Your first step will be to select the product you want to create content for. If you want to practice and don't have any photos of the product you'd like to create an ad for, you'll have the option to choose from a library containing different assets.

I decided that I was going to generate a product using a different AI model and then navigate back to Flair to make it better.

I used Leonardo AI to generate a photo of a tequila bottle. In case you missed it, I suggest that you read my article on Leonardo. In my opinion, Leonardo is one of the best Midjourney alternatives available today.

I chose to use Leonardo's Vintage Style Photography model to generate an image of a tequila bottle. I figured that this was the perfect model for an alcohol brand, and I was very impressed with the results.

creating product image with leonardo

The third bottle seemed the most appealing to me. I downloaded it and navigated back to Flair and started uploading the image.

uploading product image to flair

As soon as the image was uploaded, Flair gave me the option to remove the background. This is a very important feature that I was happy to see. With the image uploaded, it was time to start working on this virtual photoshoot.

Generate a Product Photo Shoot with Flair

You will be asked to describe the image you uploaded in the simplest way possible. I simply wrote that it was a tequila bottle. I presume that this information, along with the visual representation, also plays a part in helping the Flair model learn to differentiate between different products.

Anyway, I was eager to generate my first photo shoot using this AI model. I was immediately impressed with the simplicity of the process. You have three fields where you can enter information.

The first field relates to the actual product. The second asks you to describe the placement of the product you wish to see. The third field gives you the option to choose the background. I entered what I thought would be a good fit for a tequila bottle and pressed the "Generate" button.

product photo shoot flair 1
My prompt: "tequila bottle standing on smooth circular platform, in front of sunset in the background"

The result was more than impressive all-around, but what really captured my attention is the fact that it perfectly generated a shadow of the bottle as well. This means that the team behind Flair put a lot of effort into making their model great before releasing it to the public.

After trying Flair for the first time, I was hooked. I wanted to create another ad for a fictional product. I visited the Leonardo website once again. This time I chose the Deliberate 1.1 model, which is great for photorealism.

product photo shoot flair 2

I used a very simple text prompt to generate an image representing a modern, thin juicer. The results were awesome. I didn't expect anything less from Leonardo.

It was time to repeat the same aforementioned process again. In this instance, I decided to create an even simpler prompt on Flair.

product photo shoot flair 3
My prompt: "juicer standing on counter, with luxury cafe in the background"

The prompt worked wonderfully. Cafes like to use the most modern juicers available to serve freshly squeezed juice to their customers, so this was a fitting setting for a photoshoot like this.

Of course, I'd market a product like this for the average consumer who wants to make their juice at home. I did another virtual photoshoot. But this time, I changed the number of results from 1 to 4 photos.

product photo shoot flair 4
My prompt: "juicer standing on kitchen counter, in front of green apples"

I have to admit, the apples generated don't always look like apples. And that's fine since I can generate the photo as many times as I want until I get the result I'm looking for. But I just had to mention that it seems this model has room for improvement, and I have no doubt the Flair team is working on making it better.

All in all, this was also a great photoshoot. However, I like the one in the cafe better.

How Much Does Flair Cost?

If you're unsure whether you should start designing ads and branded content with AI, you can get a free trial on Flair. This will give you full access to the company's product photography feature and image editing tools. You'll also be able to generate 30 images for no cost at all.

flair ai price

There's also the paid version of the service, which starts at only $10 per month. This gives you the ability to generate unlimited images. You also get unlimited upscaling options for the images you generate.

Finally, there is a custom subscription plan that gives you access to a brand-consistent, collaborative, and tailor-made design tool.

How to Design Branded Content with AI

What I really like about Flair is that the team behind the model does a great job of explaining how people can use it. If you navigate through the website, you'll notice valuable information which demonstrates how the model can be effectively used.

designing branded content ai 1

Take this page, which you can see after clicking the "How it Works" button on the homepage. This is an example that breaks down the entire process of creating a prompt into 4 easy steps. This is incredibly helpful to people who may not have any experience writing prompts for text-to-image models.

designing branded content ai 2

If you navigate to different pages on the website, you'll gather the information needed to create ads in less than a minute. The generator is already easy to use, but this type of content will help you be even more prepared for creating the right photo shoot.

designing branded content ai 3

Another thing that I want to point out is that you can use accessories to make your image better. In the words of the Flair team, accessories are meant to build a world around your product. While this drag-and-drop system is cool, I would prefer if in the future I could just write down which accessories I want next to my product and they'll be generated. Similar to what I tried to do with the green apples.

Experimenting with Flair was a lot of fun, but I wanted to take the time to create something I really like. I thought about a product I'd like to create a virtual photoshoot for and I decided it was going to be for a futuristic-looking perfume.

perfume ad using ai 1

I once again used Leonardo and its Deliberate 1.1 model to generate an image of a perfume bottle like this. There's no doubt that the second image is the best out of all of these, so I downloaded it and then uploaded the image to Flair.

I wanted to create a scene that would do a great job capturing the perfume. I love the light-blue color here. It immediately made me think of ice and mountains. This is the prompt that I subsequently made.

perfume ad using ai 2
My prompt: "perfume standing on glassy island on water, in front of snowy mountains and sunny skies in the background"

Now, this is a quality photoshoot. If I saw this image on a billboard, I'd likely want to buy the perfume. This was only my third attempt at creating something with Flair AI. I suggest that you take at least an hour or two to explore the possibilities and see whether Flair can help you promote or pitch a product you have.

Ads & Photo Shoots Made Easy with Flair AI

It's impressive what you can do with Flair in a very short amount of time. But what's perhaps the best thing about it is the ease of use. It's hard to stumble across a model that's so intuitive.

The fact that each image is separated into different components and you're able to write a separate prompt for them is genius. It makes prompting much easier. Apart from giving you the option to generate various scenes, Flair also includes editing tools like a magic eraser that helps you remove any unnecessary details that may have been generated.

All in all, I like Flair and recommend that you give it a try. If you're anything like me, you'll get hooked from the moment you generate your first photoshoot.

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