How to Make Logos With Midjourney (+ Prompt Examples)

Midjourney enables you to create a logo design in a very easy and cost-effective way.

Making logos has never been easier thanks to text-to-image models like Midjourney. While you don't necessarily have to use the logo this model generates for your business, you can at least have a pretty good reference to give to the human artist designing it.

It can be pretty difficult to explain the concept you have for a logo to a designer, especially if you don't speak a common language. A lot of business owners don't know much about design, which is why they're unable to properly describe what they imagine to graphic designers.

By using natural language, you can instruct Midjourney to create the logo that you have in your mind. In most cases, it's probably best to have an actual artist finish the job. But there are instances in which the logo Midjourney generates will be so perfect that people decide to use it as it is.

If you're on a tight budget but want a good logo for your business or website, you can also hire a prompt engineer to save money. It's more affordable to hire someone to come up with a prompt than it is to hire a graphic designer to create a logo.

Why Should You Use Midjourney to Make Logos?

Using Midjourney is an incredibly efficient and cheap way to create logos. At the very least, you will get a great logo idea that you can then work on to make better.

I believe that you can benefit from making logos with Midjourney regardless of whether you're a business owner or a designer. If you're a business owner, you will have a great reference point that you'll pass along to designers as they're creating a logo for your company.

In case you're an artist, you can also get a lot out of using Midjourney to create logos. It will help you find inspiration and save you a ton of time when you want to experiment with different ideas and art styles to see which design could work.

I know that a lot of graphic designers aren't very fond of text-to-image models at the moment, but I believe they can help sharpen your skills. If you start using models like Midjourney, you will see your productivity increase significantly.

What's also great about creating logos with Midjourney is that you can do it even if you don't have any experience in graphic design. This means that you can have a logo for your business or website finished in a few seconds without breaking the bank. You only need the basic Midjourney subscription plan.

How to Create Logos With Midjourney?

Before I start explaining how you can create logos with Midjourney, I want to mention that as of right now text-to-image models aren't good at writing text. The team behind Midjourney has noted that including text in your images will be available in one of the later iterations of the model.

With that being said, you can generate an awesome image that you can later add text to in Photoshop or any other similar software to complete the logo for your brand, company, or website. Let's now see what Midjourney is capable of when it comes to making logos.

I'll start with a very simple prompt and then I'll talk about what you can do to improve the quality of the logos you generate. Let's take the following example as a very basic Midjourney prompt for logo design.

/imagine simple logo depicting a phoenix rising from the ashes, vector art

Here are four different variations for a logo Midjourney generated from the prompt above.

make logos midjourney phoenix

These are quite impressive logo ideas. I mentioned in my prompt that I wanted the designs to resemble vector art. But if you go into more detail about what you're looking for, you'll get even better results. Let me explain what you need to do.

Define the Logo Type

There is a great article on 99designs, a famous freelancer platform for connecting graphic designers with clients, in which they talk about the different types of logos that exist. I recommend that you read up on these categories before you start using Midjourney to make logos.

It's important to be familiar with the terminology in order to get the best results. As you can see from the article I linked above, some of the most popular types of logos include lettermarks, wordmarks, pictorial marks, emblems, combination marks, mascot logos, and abstract logos.

Let's now define a specific logo type in the prompt and see the generated results.

/imagine a mascot logo of a friendly parrot waving with one of its wings, simple --v 5

Here is what Midjourney generates from this prompt.

create logos midjourney parrot

This is great, but let's see what happens if we include more details in the prompt. I'll write that the parrot is rainbow-colored and instruct the model to generate a white background color. If you want to learn more about how to exclude elements from an image or discover other useful parameters within the model, I recommend you check out my Midjourney beginner’s guide article.

/imagine a mascot logo of a friendly rainbow-colored parrot waving with one of its wings, simple, vivid colors --no background --v 5

rainbow parrot midjourney logo

Here you can see how a simple change can greatly improve the generated results. Since I mentioned that I wanted it to be a rainbow-colored parrot, I wanted to also add the relevant keyword “vivid colors” to make the colors stand out.

Specify the Art Style

After you define the type of logo you want generated in your prompts, the next (optional) step is to specify the art style. In my opinion, you should use a modern art style to generate a logo. This will make it more appealing.

Once again, it will be on you to do the research required to make your logos stand out. In this case, it means reading about modern art styles and techniques that have influenced logo designs over the past several years or decades.

To demonstrate how this can help you make a good logo, I decided to incorporate an art style called hard-edge painting into a design. This is an art style that initially became popular in the 1950s and is notable for its abrupt transitions between color areas. I figured that this is the perfect art style for an abstract logo, so I wrote the following prompt:

/imagine abstract logo in a hard-edge painting style that depicts a multi-colored vortex within a clean blue circle --v 5

abstract logo created by midjourney

Honestly, I'm very impressed with the results here. The second image is especially good. I upscaled it so that you can see it better.

abstract logo uspcaled

This is the type of logo that I really like to see. For some reason, I imagine this design would fit great on a software product. If I were running a software company, this is a logo that I would love to use.

For the next logo design, I wanted to make something really clean and simple. I often tend to ask AI models to create something related to them because I’m curious what they’ll generate. That’s why I instructed Midjourney to create an emblem logo for a neural network. Here is the prompt I wrote:

/imagine emblem logo in a minimalist art style depicting a neural network, clean, flat, simple, vector --v 5

neural network logo by midjourney

This time, I included a few more relevant keywords, such as clean, flat, and simple. I want to mention that keywords are really important because they can have a huge impact on the generated results. I found it fitting in this example to incorporate a minimalist art style into the logo.

One thing I realized about making logos in Midjourney is that your prompts don’t have to be too complex. If you were to generate a photorealistic image, you’d want to write a very detailed prompt. But when it comes to logos, the more concise your prompt is the better. At least in my opinion.

Make Your First Logo With Midjourney Today

Midjourney enables you to create a logo design in a very easy and cost-effective way. If you’re using Midjourney, you’ll be able to create your first logo in a few minutes even if you don’t have any graphic design experience. A simple description of what you imagined can turn into a beautiful logo thanks to text-to-image AI models.

I recommend Midjourney to both graphic designers and entrepreneurs who need cool logo designs.

Graphic designers can greatly increase their productivity with text-to-image models, as they can experiment with different styles to see what works best before they actually get down to designing. On the other hand, entrepreneurs can have a logo done in one minute before they decide to elevate their brand and hire an excellent designer to redesign the logo.

If you’re looking to make your first logo with Midjourney today, you should remember to define the type of logo you want to generate. You can also specify the art style, and add relevant keywords to make the design better.

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