How to Make Wallpapers With Dall-E 3 + Prompt Examples

You can use Dall-E 3 to create stunning wallpapers, and in this guide, you'll learn exactly how to do it.

You can use Dall-E 3 to create stunning wallpapers, and in this guide, you'll learn exactly how to do it. I believe that making wallpapers with generative AI models that cover a wide range of art styles and design ideas is one of the best ways to practice your prompting skills.

I'm a person who likes to change wallpapers often. There was a time when I would literally spend hours trying to find a good wallpaper. I don't know why but this type of stuff always mattered to me. I like the fact that I can personalize a device to some extent.

It's been a year since I downloaded a wallpaper from the internet. I only use text-to-image models to create my own designs now. Whenever I find myself lacking inspiration to write prompts, I try to get motivated by telling myself that I should make some new wallpapers.

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How to Write Dall-E 3 Prompts for Wallpapers

There is really now way to define what a wallpaper should look like. It all depends on personal preferences. Some people (myself included) like to use images of the cosmos as wallpapers. Others prefer photorealistic images of natural landscapes. Then there are also people who enjoy seeing minimalist abstract art as their desktop background.

Ideally, you should make a bunch of different types of designs when creating wallpapers with the help of Dall-E 3. Take the time to experiment with a variety of art styles to find out what works and what doesn't.

Since there is no way to define what should or shouldn't be featured in a wallpaper design, there also isn't an option to define exactly how you should write prompts for these types of images. With that being said, you will learn a lot of useful tips in this article.

I will use this article to share many different prompt ideas as well as images generated from them. Since my prompt examples will cover a variety of art styles, you can expect to pick up a lot of useful information.

7 Dall-E 3 Prompt Examples for Wallpapers

I'm excited to share all of the designs that I created for you today. My articles that feature prompt examples usually consist of me focusing on one certain idea like landscape images, logo designs, illustrations, etc. This is a rare situation in which I'll have a chance to showcase the versatility this AI model has to offer in a single article.

prompt #1: photorealistic shot from a sci-fi film, high key lighting, a purple time portal bursting with energy, dramatic scene, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 prompts for wallpapers 1

This is something that I created for any sci-fi fans that might be reading this article. I actually wrote a relatively similar prompt a few months ago for my article on Stable Diffusion prompts for wallpapers. This time, I added some different details to the prompt to see what the Dall-E 3 model would generate from it. I have to say that I'm quite impressed with the result.

prompt #2: abstract digital art showcasing the inner workings of a neural network in which the information being transmitted is displayed with a variety of different colors, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 prompts for wallpapers 2

You might've noticed that the way I structured this prompt is completely different from the previous example. What's great about the Dall-E 3 generative AI model is that it has an insanely high level of coherence. In other words, the model perfectly understands what you're saying regardless of how you write your instructions.

It's up to you to ultimately decide how you'll write your prompts. But when you're describing an abstract concept it might be best to do it similar to my approach here. In other words, you just describe it in layman's terms. What I believe is even more important than how you structure your prompts is to describe the image you want to see created in the most concise way possible without leaving out any vital information.

prompt #3: anime style image depicting a kingdom set in a fantasy land that combines medieval and futuristic architecture, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 prompts for wallpapers 3

You don't always have to write a great prompt in order to get a good result. Sometimes, the only thing you need is an idea that will stand out. That's something you develop over time when you're interacting with generative AI models like Dall-E 3. By constantly using your imagination, it becomes easier to come up with interesting ideas.

prompt #4: an image of a gamma ray burst, the depiction should feature a powerful multicolored cosmic explosion demonstrating the immense power of this cosmic phenomenon, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 prompts for wallpapers 4

When massive stars are imploding, powerful bursts of gamma rays get fired from their poles. This truly is one of the most powerful events that can happen in the cosmos. You can see a lot of different depictions of it online. However, you won't easily come across a depiction that stands out as much as this one.

What the Dall-E 3 model created here is nothing short of amazing. I personally love cosmic-themed wallpapers, and I'll definitely be using this one at some point.

prompt #5: beautiful natural landscape in the middle of spring with a variety of flowers blooming, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 prompts for wallpapers 5

You most likely noticed by now that I included the instruction "aspect ratio 16:9" in all the prompts featured in this article. This is something you have to do when you're writing prompts for wallpapers. If you don't, the model will include the default 1:1 aspect ratio.

prompt #6: abstract digital art piece featuring a minimalist design that depicts the orbits of planets around the sun within our solar system, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 prompts for wallpapers 6

This is an awesome result. The combination of an abstract art style and minimalism often produces fantastic images. I know that many people prefer to have a wallpaper that is simple and doesn't distract too much. They like to have a lot of empty space where they can place their files and folders. This is the perfect design if you are looking for something simple.

prompt #7: crowded neon-lit city street in a futuristic world where holographic advertisements are shining hard from each side of the street, aspect ratio 16:9

dalle 3 prompts for wallpapers 7

We're not far from the world depicted in this image. Advertisements are only going to get louder over time, especially in public settings. The number of billboards will also likely go up over time due to the high number of people willing to pay for them. This is one of the main things I dislike about big cities.

Final Thoughts

After looking through all of the prompt examples that I wrote for you today as well as the images generated from them, I hope that you now understand why creating wallpapers with generative AI models can be such a great prompt writing exercise.

I also want to note that although Dall-E 3 produces images of great quality, it's a good idea to upscale them before actually using them as wallpapers. There are many different upscalers that you can use. Some of them even serve the specific purpose of upscaling AI-generated images. I personally use software called Upscayl, which is open-source and completely free.

I hope that this article inspires you to create a variety of cool images that you'll end up using as wallpapers. You can also send them to friends and family to showcase your prompting skills. When you get really good at prompting, you can even try selling wallpapers online or at least uploading them on social media platforms to gain popularity as an AI artist.

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