Midjourney Prompts for Coloring Books (15 Prompt Examples)

With Midjourney, you can create your own coloring book quickly. The best part is that you choose exactly what will be featured on the pages.

Coloring books have many benefits for both children and adults. For children, they help with motor skill development, color recognition, increased creativity, and so on. Coloring books for adults have been becoming increasingly popular over the years and offer benefits like stress relief, increased mindfulness, and enhanced sleep.

Although there is a variety of them in stores, you may often struggle to find the ones you like or your kids like. With Midjourney, you can create your own coloring book quickly. The best part is that you choose exactly what will be featured on the pages.

Let's say that your child discovers a new animated TV show and becomes infatuated with a certain character. You can encourage them to use a coloring book by printing various scenes featuring that character.

As an adult, you may want to challenge yourself by coloring an incredibly complex and abstract design. You can also create something like this in Midjourney with ease.

midjourney prompts for coloring books

How to Write Midjourney Prompts for Coloring Books

I want to start this section of the article by saying that I don't encourage anyone to create coloring books in Midjourney and sell them for profit, especially if you omit vital information like that it was generated with artificial intelligence. You at least shouldn't do it until there are clear regulatory guidelines for this.

If you really want to make money with Midjourney with your coloring book designs, you can try to sell your prompts on platforms like PromptBase. With that said, you can still create coloring book pages that you can use yourself, give to your kids, or share with your friends and their children.

What you'll likely find interesting is just how easy it is to create coloring books in Midjourney. If you don't want to get too specific with your prompts, you can essentially have dozens of pages ready in 10-15 minutes.

Essentially, you have full freedom to create any design you want simply by using natural language to describe them. The only thing to pay attention to is making sure you instruct the AI model to know that it's generating a coloring book design.

15 Midjourney Prompts for Coloring Books

Today, I'll show you how to easily make coloring book designs in Midjourney. I'll create both simple and complex designs. Most will be geared towards children, but there will also be certain designs that are more suitable for adults. Let's get straight to it.

/imagine coloring book page, cartoon character, anthropomorphic raccoon leaving a bodega with a juicebox in its hand, comic book style, simple --s 150

midjourney prompts for coloring books raccoon

It's not exactly a juicebox in the raccoon's hand, but it's close enough. I boosted the stylization value a tiny bit here to get a more visually appealing result. The default value for the stylize parameter is 100, so I increased it by 50 percent. This may sound like a lot but considering that you can increase it up to 1000, this is quite a small change.

/imagine coloring book page, natural landscape, waterfall

waterfall coloring book midjourney prompt

I wrote this prompt to show you how you can create a beautiful coloring book page with an extremely simple prompt. As long as it produces great results, you shouldn't really overthink your prompt writing process.

/imagine coloring book page, abstract design, a variety of abstract shapes coming together to create one beautiful structure --w 50 --s 200

abstract design coloring book midjourney prompt

This one is definitely for adults. If you're into abstract art, I think you'll appreciate this design. It's up to you to choose which colors you'll use to create the best possible art piece from this. Since this is an abstract design, I felt like it would be a good addition to use both the weird and stylize parameters.

/imagine coloring book page, anime character, female warrior wearing a medieval armor, angry facial expression --ar 3:4 --niji 5

anime female warrior coloring page midjourney

You can also use the Niji model to create coloring book pages in Midjourney. You can activate the model in your prompt basically like any other parameter. Sometimes, you may not exactly get the results you expect. In that case, you should try entering the prompt a few more times or make small tweaks to it.

/imagine coloring book page, macro view, rose flower, intricate details

rose flower coloring book in midjourney

Roses come in a variety of colors, so the person who colors a design like this has a lot of freedom to express their creativity. This can be a great exercise for children to learn how to pay attention to detail.

/imagine coloring book page, abstract design, floral theme, abstract floral patterns, detailed --ar 16:9

floral pattern coloring book midjourney prompt

I wanted to continue the floral theme from the previous prompt but turn it into something a bit different. This one features a landscape aspect ratio as well as many flowers that you can color however you want.

/imagine coloring book page, rustic scene, old farmhouse, realistic --s 200

farmhouse coloring page midjourney prompt

This one might be my favorite design for this article. This can take a while to finish coloring. I like how detailed the image is and the fact that it really looks realistic. I often don't get good results when I use the stylize parameter in prompts for coloring books, but it worked well with this image.

/imagine coloring book page, high-fantasy realm, fantasy creatures in the middle of a huge forest, realistic

midjourney prompt for fantasy creatures coloring book

This is another great example of a coloring book design that's more suitable for adults. It would be very difficult for a child to color these creatures. There is a really high level of detail featured in this image. I'm not sure if I could even color this properly.

/imagine coloring book page, close-up view of a griffin in a fantasy world, medieval castle in the background

griffin coloring book midjourney prompt

I played Heroes of Might and Magic III regularly for almost two full decades. It's one of the best video games I ever played, and one image I'll never forget is that of a griffin standing on top of a castle. I wanted to recreate something like that for this article, and you can see the result above.

/imagine coloring book page, grandiose medieval castle where only the bravest warriors live and use their power to protect their land

midjourney prompts for coloring books castle example

When I saw the castle in the background in the previous image, I knew I had to create one where the castle was the main focus. There are a lot of details here, so it will definitely take some time to color the castle properly.

/imagine coloring book page, comic book style illustration of a scene in space with different planets, aliens, and spacecraft --ar 16:9

space coloring book midjourney prompt example

I have been into science fiction ever since I was really young. I liked to imagine what other planets looked like. If I had access to Midjourney then, these are the types of images I would create most of the time.

/imagine coloring book page, abstract design of zen patterns, abstract patterns that calm the mind, meditation, intricate details

abstract patterns coloring book prompt

Since coloring books have different benefits for children and for adults, I figured that it makes sense to generate images of patterns like this for adults who want to relieve stress through coloring. There is something about abstract patterns that makes it easy to look at them for extended time periods. I can't even imagine how good this one would look like if it was fully colored.

/imagine coloring book page, botanical garden filled with a variety of plants, flowers, and butterflies --s 200

botanical garden coloring book midjourney

Botanical gardens are always a lot of fun because you get to see many plants and flowers that you had no idea existed. Coloring this is not an easy task and is probably better suited for adults.

/imagine coloring book page, tropical island, view of a beautiful beach, palm trees, exotic birds

tropical island coloring book midjourney prompt

This is what I imagine when I think of my retirement. All I want is a nice house by the beach and maybe a friend in the form of an exotic bird. It might take a really long time to achieve this, but I know that I'll have it one day.

/imagine coloring book page, wildlife safari, zebras running in the distance, simple, realistic, children's illustration

safari zebras coloring book midjourney example

Children should learn about the variety of animals that exist in this world from a very young age. Making coloring book designs like this is an excellent way to get them to learn about different animals. You can introduce a new animal each week until they become familiar with them.

Final Thoughts

The prompt examples above hopefully showed you that you can create just about any type of coloring book designs in Midjourney. You often get the best results in this specific case when you don't use any parameters, but sometimes you might find it helpful to use advanced options like the chaos, stylize, and weird parameters.

I personally prefer creating cartoon characters and abstract designs over anything else when I'm working on coloring books in Midjourney. I find these to be challenging and rewarding when you finish coloring them.

If you haven't touched a coloring book since you were a child and are looking for a way to relax and relieve stress, I recommend that you try coloring some of the pages you created and see if it helps you. It can be an extremely fun activity.

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