Runway Gen-2 Text-to-Video Prompts for Sci-Fi Videos

In this guide, I'm going to show how you can create spectacular science fiction videos using the Runway AI and give you some prompt examples.

When Stanley Kubrick was making 2001: A Space Odyssey, he had to go to unbelievable lengths to get some of the visual effects featured in the film. The movie was released in 1968, so it goes without saying that this was a time before computer-generated special effects dominated the film industry.

Every single special effect featured in the movie was done either physically or chemically. There wasn't even one frame that included computer-generated effects. As technology improved, it became easier and more cost-efficient to make special effects with specialized software.

Fast forward to today and you can create special effects using only a couple of lines of text. Yes, that's really possible to do with the Runway Gen-2 model. You can describe a particular scene to the AI model and it will create a real scene from it. The best part about it is that you can do it even if you don't have any experience in this field. You just have to use your imagination.

In this guide, I'm going to talk about how you can create spectacular science fiction videos (and prompt examples) using the Runway AI platform. In fact, I'm only going to share text prompts in this video. Before we get to the examples, let's talk a bit about the process of writing prompts like this.

runway gen-2 sci-fi video prompts

How to Make Sci-Fi Videos With Runway Gen-2

Creating any type of content within the science fiction genre requires a lot of creativity. You need to break away from any conventional way of thinking and imagine abstract concepts that will come to life. That's the mindset you need to have if you want to make sci-fi videos with the Runway Gen-2 model.

Apart from letting your imagination run wild, another thing to pay attention to is how you write text prompts. I've talked about this in detail in my article on how to make cinematic videos with Runway Gen-2. The basic idea is to include different details in your prompts, such as the angle, lighting, and camera view.

You can also mention a specific style or aesthetic in your prompts. For instance, if I use the keyword 'post-cyberpunk' in a prompt, the AI model will recognize the aesthetic I want to see in the video and apply it accordingly.

You have only 320 characters to express an idea when you're using the Runway Gen-2 model. This may seem like it's not much, but once you start writing you'll see that it is more than enough. I personally get to include the main concept behind a scene, as well as other vital details in less than 160 characters most of the time.

But I don't want to spend too much time explaining my prompt writing process. Instead, let me show you some prompt examples for sci-fi videos.

10 Runway Gen-2 Sci-Fi Video Prompt Examples

Science fiction is one of my favorite genres, so I can easily tap into my imagination and come up with video ideas. If you're not too familiar with the terminology used in this genre, I suggest that you find a glossary online and learn some terms that you can use to create stunning videos.

prompt #1: galactic war room, sci-fi film aesthetic, wide angle shot, holographic maps casting dynamic light

This video turned out much better than I expected. It really looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie. If anybody constructs a spacecraft like this within my lifetime, I'll do everything in my power to make sure I'm on board. Interstellar travel is one of my childhood dreams.

prompt #2: dream world constructed entirely by artificial intelligence, close-up shot of a character in a world created by artificial intelligence, surreal and dreamlike lighting

Wow, I didn't expect to see the scene switch dramatically after the first few seconds. I had to extend the clip one time to make it a bit longer because I liked it a lot. In the first scene, you can see a person being in the dream world. The second scene shows an AI telepathically creating the said world. This is a stunning result.

prompt #3: dystopian megacity skyline, aerial shot of a dystopian megacity, polluted atmospheric lighting

This is a future I don't want to be a part of, but I wouldn't be too surprised if it ended up looking similar to this. If dystopian megacities become a thing, I'll happily move to the countryside and slowly prepare for the end of times. I'm particularly fond of the lighting here. It makes sense for a megacity to be extremely polluted.

prompt #4: interdimensional portal that leads to alternate realities, intense wide-angle shot, surreal portal lighting, colorful

There's no way to know what an interdimensional portal looks like, which is why I'm always excited when I describe an abstract concept to an AI model. I love it when I get to see how the model creates visuals of something that doesn't exist in the real world (yet). I also like that a human character was added into the video even though I didn't mention it in my prompt.

prompt #5: time loop paradox, repetitive sequences, science fiction, vibrant lighting

This video kind of reminds me of the scenes in Interstellar in which Cooper entered the black hole. The shapes are different from the movie, but the aesthetic is very similar. It's absolutely mind-blowing that you can create visual effects like this from only several words. It makes me excited for how these generative AI models will evolve in the future.

prompt #6: alien ritual on an exoplanet, sci-fi, horror aesthetic, close-up shot of aliens conducting a mysterious ritual, ethereal and otherworldly lighting, mysticism

Okay, this video really gave me the creeps. Although it's fun to imagine, I would never want to be caught in the middle of some alien ritual on another planet. Apart from the aliens that are beautifully designed, I also like the planet in the background that's emitting a purple light.

prompt #7: nightclub in a post-cyberpunk setting, wide angle shots in a far-future gritty nightclub, holographic projections, neon pulsating lights

I wouldn't be surprised if nightclubs look similar to this in a decade or two. I think we're not too far from seeing holographic signs in prestigious nightclubs. Also, what's hanging from the ceiling in this video? It looks like some type of alien disco ball.

prompt #8: exoplanetary sandstorm, aerial shot capturing the destruction of a fierce exoplanetary sandstorm, dynamic lighting

Sandstorms are scary on Earth. Just imagine how scary they could be when you're on a foreign planet that's not inhabited. There's no one you could call for help. That's the downside to traveling to an alien planet, but it's also a risk I'd personally be willing to take to set foot on an exoplanet.

prompt #9: the activation of a secret time portal, high-energy dramatic lighting, vibrant colors

I'm not saying that I would want to be the first person to go through a secret time portal, but I'd definitely be on the list even if it's a one-way trip. There are some time periods I wouldn't want to visit though. I know a lot of people say that they would like to travel back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, but this is something I'm not interested in at all. I would never want to be stuck in a place where gigantic creatures could crush me without even noticing.

prompt #10: quantum particles interacting in a way that was previously thought to be impossible, close-up shots of quantum particles, surreal and ever-shifting lighting

I'm fascinated by the quantum world. There are many similarities in how the tiny particles and the large objects in space interact. This is an area that we as people don't truly understand yet, but it's always exciting when new discoveries are made.

Final Thoughts

I personally feel like any of the videos above could easily be featured in a sci-fi short film. They can also be used for music videos. The Runway Gen-2 model can be truly astounding when you write a good prompt.

The secret is to keep the prompt as concise as possible while including all the necessary details. You don't want to overcomplicate a prompt just for the sake of it because that might lead the AI model to become confused. Instead, include only vital information in your prompts.

Although I showed only text prompts in this video, it's important to note that you can also create clips from images on the Runway AI platform. The AI model will create a video from basically any image you upload. This can produce exceptional results, especially if you use AI-generated images that you made with tools like Midjourney or Stable Diffusion.

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