Stable Diffusion Prompts for Digital Art (18 Prompt Examples)

AI models like Stable Diffusion helped a lot of people express themselves creatively and make digital art. This guide will teach you how.

Generative AI models like Stable Diffusion helped a lot of people express themselves creatively and make digital art. Although anyone can make an image that looks great in Stable Diffusion XL, only a small percentage take the time to learn how to produce results that stand out.

There are some AI artists who have become popular on various social media platforms due to their ability to create outstanding artworks using text-to-image tools. I personally don't consider myself an AI artist, but I have enough experience using tools like Stable Diffusion to be able to create cool artworks. I'll be sharing some of them with you today.

The process of writing prompts for digital art seems effortless for me at the moment, but it wasn't always like that. There were times when I would come up with only several ideas before I had to take a long break and wait for inspiration to come, which at certain points meant waiting for days.

Since I made it a habit to use these types of tools consistently over the last year, I've now noticed a significant boost in my creativity. I'm telling you this to let you know that there are some important benefits to interacting with generative AI models.

stable diffusion prompts for digital art

How to Write Stable Diffusion Prompts for Digital Art

What I love about Stable Diffusion XL is that it comes with a variety of different preset styles that you can turn on when you're creating images. The style I used to create the images in this article is literally called 'Digital Art' and you can see how to turn it on in the image below.

selecting digital art style stable diffusion

As you can see, the first step of the process is to click on the setting button. You can find it right next to the big "Generate" button. When you do that, you'll notice a lot of different styles pop up below. Select 'Digital Art' located in the first row.

You can also select an aspect ratio that you want to use for your images. I personally chose the 16:9 aspect ratio, which I absolutely love to use when making digital art.

If you've been using generative AI models for a while, you most likely already know about the importance of specifying a certain art style in your prompts. I have an article where I showcase the 32 best art styles for Stable Diffusion. You should check it out if you want to learn which styles you can use in your prompts to get great results.

Other than mentioning an art style, you should also clearly and concisely describe the scene you want to create. It's also a good idea to use keywords that will add to the aesthetic or overall theme of an image. If you're not sure what I mean, I'll show you through my prompt examples.

18 Stable Diffusion Prompt Examples for Digital Art

Some people only use Stable Diffusion to make digital art, while others prefer Midjourney. If you're wondering which AI model produces better results, I suggest that you check out my article on Midjourney prompts for digital art and compare them to the artworks featured below.

prompt #1: surreal and dreamlike landscape of a vast desert at dusk, featuring levitating rock formations and surreal mirages

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 1

Let's start with this relatively simple prompt in which I didn't even have to specify a certain art style to produce a beautiful image. It's important not to set your expectations too high when you're writing prompts.

Notice how I mentioned in my prompt that I wanted to see levitating rock formations in the digital artwork. Although the AI model didn't generate that, it still produced an excellent image with surreal landscapes. Text-to-image tools like Stable Diffusion might not always include every single detail that you mention, but they will almost always generate an aesthetic that you had in mind.

prompt #2: dystopian cyberpunk future, towering neon-lit skyscrapers, crowded streets, and futuristic technology while incorporating the grim, rainy atmosphere, dark and vibrant urban scene

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 2

Humans have probably been imagining what the future will look like since the first time we began innovating as a species. There are famous postcards from the 19th century that depicted a vision of the future that included everything from flying cars to robot barbers.

Today, you can let an AI model create a vision of the future with a text description. Since I created a dystopian scene with this prompt, I used a few different keywords like 'grim', 'dark', and 'rainy atmosphere' to create this type of aesthetic. As you can see from the image above, it turned out great.

prompt #3: an intrepid explorer navigating through a fantastical, overgrown jungle filled with colossal plants, exotic creatures, and hidden ruins from a bygone civilization

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 3

This is one of my favorite images that I created in Stable Diffusion XL. When I was a child, I used to love watching Indiana Jones movies. I also vividly remember playing Tomb Raider video games. As a result, one of my interests that remains to this day is archaeology and ancient sites.

I often try to include my interests as much as possible when I'm creating images with generative AI models. I suggest that you do the same because that will add a sprinkle of your personality into the generated images and make them stand out.

prompt #4: visual representation of the flood myth, a great flood that swept everything in the world and reset the global civilization

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 4

Is the Great Flood a myth or did it actually happen a long time ago? It's impossible to tell with the evidence we have at the present day, but it's a fun debate. I sometimes watch videos about the great flood myth on YouTube, and that inspired me to create this image. I really like the grim aesthetic featured here.

prompt #5: towering, ancient clockwork observatory, where massive gears turn to reveal the movements of celestial bodies, merging astronomy and the art of engineering

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 5

If you're an engineer, you are probably going to appreciate this image. I know that not every detail in this artwork is perfect, but that's okay. You shouldn't expect the AI model to create a perfect image when there are so many details featured in it.

prompt #6: extraterrestrial civilization, envisioning a technologically advanced alien cityscape on a distant planet, unique architecture, peculiar, otherworldly

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 6

It's difficult to imagine what type of architecture an advanced alien civilization would have. But you can always use keywords like 'unique architecture' and 'otherworldly' in your Stable Diffusion prompts to generate some interesting concepts. Another strategy is to explain what the buildings should look like. But if you decide to do that make sure that your prompts remain somewhat concise.

prompt #7: sanctuary for robotic creatures, set in a lush and surreal landscape, where mechanical animals roam freely amidst vibrant, digital flora

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 7

This image reminds me of Horizon Zero Dawn. Although I didn't have that video game in mind when I was writing this prompt, it probably inspired me without me realizing it. Anyway, this is a great piece of digital art. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I wrote 'digital flora' but I'm happy with the nature featured in the image.

prompt #8: abstract art that captures the essence of nostalgia and childhood wonder, anything is possible, there is no limit to imagination, the start of an endless journey of exploration

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 8

This may not be exactly abstract art per se, but the prompt features an abstract description. Notice how I didn't describe any of the objects featured in the image. I didn't include any information about the landscape, the color palette, the characters, and so on. The AI model created all of this from my description of what imagination is.

prompt #9: neon-drenched, futuristic geisha district, where geishas in traditional attire and cyber-enhancements blend in a visually stunning and cyberpunk-inspired setting

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 9

There is a preset style in Stable Diffusion XL called 'Neon Punk', which I could've used to create this image. But I wanted to use the 'Digital Art' style for every single artwork that's featured in today's article. I really like the aesthetic of this image. The background is also wonderful, with towering skyscrapers seen in the distance.

prompt #10: underground world adorned with colossal, luminescent crystals, where subterranean civilizations thrive amidst the glowing geology

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 10

I've been to a few cool caves where I saw beautiful stalagmites. Although it's a sight to behold in real life, digital artworks need more flair to stand out. That's why I wanted to make sure that the crystals in this image are really glowing. As a fun exercise, you can try applying the glitch art style to this image and see the results you'll get.

prompt #11: mysterious and moody digital representation of a fog-shrouded, ancient graveyard, with moss-covered gravestones and the eerie glow of moonlight

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 11

I wrote this prompt a few days after Halloween, so you can probably guess where I got the inspiration to create something like this. You can use this image either for decorating your home during the Halloween season or as a wallpaper on your computer.

prompt #12: surreal and dreamlike digital landscape that combines elements of nature and machinery, blurring the boundaries between the organic and the artificial

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 12

There is nothing in this world more powerful than nature. We can create the most advanced technology imaginable but if civilization collapses, nature will reclaim everything. That thought is what inspired me to create this digital artwork.

prompt #13: serene digital seascape featuring a serene beach at sunrise, with gentle waves, seashells, and the first light of day illuminating the sandy shoreline

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 13

Wow! Although this is an article dedicated to digital art, I feel like this image should also be used in the real world. You can upscale it to increase the resolution and quality and then print it and hang it on your wall. There is something so serene and peaceful about this artwork that makes me want to look at it often.

prompt #14: medieval castle nestled atop a rocky hill, overlooking a picturesque valley and surrounded by a quaint village

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 14

I've visited a few medieval castles so far. Of course, they don't look anything like this since they're mostly just remnants of what was once an amazing feat of architecture. I really like the colors used in this image, which is exactly why the 'Digital Art' preset style in Stable Diffusion XL is so powerful. It has a lot of information about image composition, and that can easily be seen when you use it.

prompt #15: vibrant and bustling marketplace in an ancient Middle Eastern city, where merchants display colorful textiles, spices, and unique wares

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 15

This type of scene reminds me of RPG video games set in an ancient or medieval world. When you complete a few different quests, you go back to the marketplace in the city and shop for unique wares.

prompt #16: epic scene of a medieval battlefield, where knights, archers, and siege engines engage in a fierce conflict on a vast, war-torn plain

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 16

I rarely write prompts that are supposed to include countless different characters because it's difficult to get a great result. There will always be some errors in the image. But considering how complex this epic scene is, I'm actually quite surprised that any generative AI model can produce an image like this. If you love history, I suggest you create an epic scene of your favorite battle in the past.

prompt #17: abstract art, elements of nature, such as wind, water, and fire, come to life as ethereal musical beings playing harmonious melodies

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 17

Writing these types of prompts is always the most fun I have interacting with text-to-image AI tools. I want to see what a model creates when I don't mention any object that should be featured in the image.

prompt #18: garden where the laws of physics blur, allowing for quantum phenomena to manifest in the form of shimmering particles, wave-like patterns, and fluctuating realities

stable diffusion digital art prompt example 18

This surreal image perfectly depicts what I was trying to describe in my prompt. I wanted to see a garden that appears like it's set in a fantasy world filled with magic. And honestly, quantum phenomena is probably the closest thing we have to magic in the real world. So, it made sense to include that description in my prompt.

Final Thoughts

Talented AI artists have leveraged their skills to sell their digital art online. There are always interested buyers when what you're selling is outstanding. As I already said, I don't consider myself to be a very talented AI artist, but I do like to express myself creatively using tools like Stable Diffusion.

It's up to you to decide whether you want to create art for yourself or if you want to try and become an AI artist. It'll definitely be fun to explore that new frontier, but it will require a lot of dedication, research, and hard work.

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