Turn Text into Videos with AI-Generated Voices: Fliki Review

Fliki is one of the most popular online tools for turning text into videos with AI voices. It gives you access to more than 900 voices!

The popularity of video content on the internet began to really skyrocket in synchronization with the first time smartphones became widely used among the general public. Video content enabled people to digest content easier than ever before.

If you add video content to an article on your website or blog, you're more likely to attract an audience. People are easily convinced to spend a few minutes watching a video compared to reading an article. But making a video is not that easy. Or at least, it wasn't until recently.

Traditionally, you would need at least a good microphone to make a video. Today, you don't even need that. You can simply write a script and use AI technology developed by Fliki to turn it into a video with voices generated by artificial intelligence.

Given the popularity and usefulness of ChatGPT (or GPT-4), you even have an AI-powered chatbot assistant that can create the script for you. That means that you can create a video with only a single prompt.

What Is Fliki AI?

Fliki is an AI-powered tool that you can use to create videos. All you have to do is write the script for the video. The text-to-speech functionality on the platform will then create a human-like voiceover.

I have to mention that these voices sound great. People who are not familiar with AI technology won't notice that it is generated by artificial intelligence. You can also choose the voice you want to use in each of your videos.

text to video fliki ai

There are more than 900 voices to choose from on Fliki. The platform also supports more than 75 languages. Fliki comes with a rich stock media library. This means that you'll have a lot of images and short clips available to insert into your videos. You will also have a variety of background music to add to your content.

On top of everything I mentioned above, you have the option to add subtitles to each video. There are different font and color options for the subtitles.

How Much Does Fliki Cost?

There are three different paid subscription plans available on Fliki. The basic plan enables you to create up to 120 minutes of content each month and is priced at only $8 on a monthly basis. The videos are in 720p low-res if you choose this plan.

In case you get the standard plan that costs $28 per month, you can generate high-quality videos using text. These videos feature a 1080p full HD resolution. This plan enables you to create up to 180 minutes of content each month.

fliki ai pricing

Finally, there is the Premium plan. With this plan, you can create 600 minutes of audio and video content every month. You also get faster exports, API access, and a dedicated account manager.

Each paid plan also gives you access to the premium community on Discord where you can talk with other content creators and exchange ideas.

If you only want to try out the platform, you can create an account for free and create up to 5 minutes of content each month. The free plan also gives you access to a more limited number of voices. While paid plans give you the ability to choose from more than 900 voices, the free plan gives you access to only 400 voices.

Why Should You Use Fliki AI?

On the Fliki website, you can see a statement saying that people spend 88% more time on websites with videos. I found a Forbes article that supports that claim. Whether it's actually correct is an entirely different conversation, but there is no denying that video content is engaging and powerful.

I have noticed that many people who have their own websites and blogs don't put out video content. This can be a big mistake if you want to capture a video audience. I know it's hard to get motivated to do it, but it's really easy if you use tools like Fliki.

While the best approach is to create your video content from scratch, you shouldn't be opposed to the idea of using AI-powered tools to generate videos if you're not motivated to make your own. With that being said, Let's Try AI videos are in the pipeline and will be out in the somewhat near future.

How to Use Fliki?

The process of using Fliki to generate videos is incredibly intuitive. To make it even easier for people to understand, the creators of the platform included a short 2-minute video on how to use Fliki to create videos. Once you watch it, you'll know how to use the platform.

When you want to start creating, all you have to do is simply click on the "New File" button and choose a name for it. Let's say that I want to create a video about the health benefits of kale. In this case, that's what I want to name the file. After you do this, you'll be taken to a file editor.

You'll notice that Fliki will automatically choose an AI voice for your video. You can press on the name of the voice actor to see a wider selection and choose the one that fits the tone of your video the most. There is also an option to clone your voice so that you can use it in your videos.

using fliki voice selection

If you go to the Fliki stock library, you'll notice that they have a ton of videos and images that you can use in your videos. I typed in leafy greens and it gave me a lot of different videos, images, and GIFs that would be useful if I was making a video on the health benefits of this vegetable.

using fliki 1

In case you don't want to use content from the stock library, there is also an AI art option. This enables you to create an image that you want without having to leave the platform. You simply have to enter a prompt and the image will be generated in less than 10 seconds.

using fliki 2

I wrote a prompt that said "photorealistic image of kale on a wooden board." The result was awesome and it really took the model less than 10 seconds to generate the image. There are a lot of ways you can express your creativity using Fliki while still automating the process of creating video content.

Final Thoughts

Let's say that you have a blog but you want to attract a bigger audience. One of the best ways to do that is to release video content on YouTube. While this required a lot of effort up until recently, you can now finish making a video in minutes.

One of the most popular online tools for turning text into videos with AI voices is without a doubt Fliki. It's a useful platform that gives you access to more than 900 voices in over 75 languages.

The feature I like the most about this AI-powered tool is that you can give it a URL of a blog post and it will summarize it and essentially turn it into a video. That's the type of automated process I expect an AI tool to perform.

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