Midjourney Prompts for Architecture (17 Prompt Examples)

Revitalize your architectural creativity with the help of Midjourney. Let these prompts spark your imagination!

The global impact artificial intelligence has had in a relatively short time period is significant. Most people still can't fathom how big this technology will be in the future.

I don't claim to be an AI expert but as a person who has been using various artificial intelligence models, I can say with almost complete certainty that we're only in the beginning stages of AI development.

The use cases for a single AI model like Midjourney are so remarkable that the text-to-image tool has the power to change certain industries.

Throughout my experiments with Midjourney, I have made everything from food photography to album covers. But maybe that was me thinking too small. What if in the future we see text-to-image models used for bigger and more serious projects?

Imagine a futuristic building several decades from now. It looks gorgeous and can house millions of people. The design of each skyscraper and apartment building is meticulous. And the most incredible thing about the city is that it was designed by an artificial intelligence model.

We probably have a really long way to go for something like this to be feasible. Until then, you can use Midjourney to create images of architectural marvels that you come up with.

midjourney prompts for architecture

How to Write Midjourney Prompts for Architecture

What I truly love about Midjourney is that you can write just about anything in your prompts (as long as it doesn't violate the rules set by the Midjourney team) and the model will generate an image that represents your description, no matter how peculiar your prompts are.

You can obviously make designs for abstract buildings, but that's not all I'm going to be making today. In this article, I will focus on realistic designs that you might see in the real world. But you'll also definitely see some abstract designs.

So, you're probably wondering how you should write prompts for architecture. The first piece of advice I want to give you is not to write long prompts. There is a soft cap of 60 words in Midjourney, so you should keep your descriptions somewhat concise.

You should ideally be mindful of every word you put in your prompts. Try to explain what you want to see generated in the best way possible. It's your choice whether you want to pay attention to small details in your prompts or let the AI model randomize the designs.

I feel like the 16:9 aspect ratio is ideal for architecture images. To set this aspect ratio simply write --ar 16:9 at the end of each prompt.

It's also advised that you learn some of the terminology used in architecture. Although this is definitely not a requirement to create amazing images, it can drastically help improve the quality of the generated output.

Now that we've covered the basics, it's time to start writing some cool Midjourney prompts for architecture.

17 Midjourney Prompts for Architecture

I really don't know much about architecture. But I've always admired a beautiful building. Writing prompts in this article took me out of my comfort zone for a bit because I had to use terms that didn't come naturally to me.

I don't mind getting out of my comfort zone, as every time I do it I learn a lot. I tried to include a variety of prompts in this article to spark your creativity.

If you don't have much experience in Midjourney, I suggest you start by making edits to my prompts to see how they affect the generated outputs. Once you master that, it's time that you start writing your own prompts.

Without further ado, here are 17 Midjourney prompts for architecture.

/imagine 3D building model, contemporary art museum with a minimalist facade, featuring a grand atrium with a spiral staircase, and large gallery spaces designed to exhibit various forms of art --ar 16:9

midjourney prompt for architecture art museum

For my first prompt in this article, I wanted to showcase how Midjourney can create 3D models of buildings. I could have left this keyword out of my prompts, and the AI text-to-image model would've simply generated an image of the finished building.

One keyword can have a huge impact on your prompts. That's why you should carefully choose which keywords you'll use. The right keyword to use in a specific prompt varies heavily depending on what you want to generate.

/imagine modern urban park with interactive sculptures, winding pathways, lush greenery, calming and tranquil space, full HD --ar 16:9

urban park midjourney architecture prompt

I wouldn't mind spending time here when it's sunny outside. There are some obvious flaws if you look at the generated image in detail, but it's good enough for a concept design. Generating images like this is a quick way to get inspired and start using 3D modeling software to finetune your creation.

/imagine magnificent Renaissance palace with ornate columns, frescoed ceilings, and a grand staircase, architectural marvel --ar 16:9

renaissance palace midjourney prompts architecture

I had to make something grandiose because that's the type of architecture I like the most. I love to see a complex project come to life. There's no doubt that some of the most beautiful buildings in the world that are still standing were constructed during the Renaissance era.

/imagine photorealistic image, beautiful architecture, futuristic skyscraper with a sleek asymmetrical design, glass panels, rooftop garden, deluxe --ar 16:9

futuristic skyscraper architecture in midjourney

I felt the need to write the keyword 'photorealistic image' at the beginning of the article because I didn't want the generated output to go out of hand since I wrote that I wanted the skyscraper to be futuristic. This type of design is amazing and not too hard to imagine being in multiple cities across the world in the near future.

/imagine contemporary cultural center featuring dynamic geometric architecture and flexible exhibition spaces, creative architecture --ar 16:9

midjourney prompt for architecture example cultural center

Dynamic geometric architecture is extremely alluring to me. It shows how creative you can be in this field. I feel like dynamic geometric architecture is best suited for buildings like cultural centers. If this building was in my city, I'd often sit on a bench across from it just to marvel at the design.

/imagine high-tech research facility, innovative architecture, architectural marvel, energy-efficient design, high-tech design, clean --ar 16:9

high tech facility architecture in midjourney

This prompt consists only of several keywords that I carefully put together to generate this awesome image. I wanted the architecture to be as innovative as possible because that's how a building where scientific discoveries are made should look like.

/imagine modernist beachfront villa, expansive glass walls, infinity pool, luxurious --ar 16:9

beachfront villa midjourney prompt architecture

This is an incredibly simple prompt that consists of only nine words. Yet the generated output is very powerful. I didn't have to go into much detail here. The two most important keywords here are 'modernist' and 'luxurious'. This alone was enough for the AI text-to-image model to create an outstanding design.

/imagine futuristic architecture, floating city concept that consists of interconnected floating platforms and green rooftops, renewable energy architecture --ar 16:9

floating city concept midjourney

I wonder what architecture will look like in the future. If the global population continues to rise like it has in the previous decades, we will undoubtedly see cities become even more urban. There will be more buildings than ever before. But there will also be tranquil and modern spaces for people who are well off. This is probably what a space like that will look like.

/imagine 3D building model, cutting-edge concert hall, state of the art architecture, architectural marvel --ar 16:9

concert hall 3d model midjourney prompt

I wanted to write another prompt for a 3D building model because I liked the first one so much. My favorite concert hall in the world is the Sydney Opera House. I wanted to make something like that. I included only a few keywords in my prompt to allow the AI model to maximally randomize the generated output. I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

/imagine futuristic underwater high-tech company headquarters with a modern and sleek design, intricate design, science fiction --ar 16:9

underwater tech company hq midjourney prompt

I remember watching an episode of the Simpsons where they showed Apple's underwater headquarters. Ever since then, I've been waiting for people to construct buildings underwater. While I know there are some places like this you can visit, like the Ithaa restaurant, I want to see something even more beautifully constructed.

Since it seems we still have time before underwater architecture becomes popular, I wanted to create an image of such a building. Midjourney did an excellent job with this building, and the 'science fiction' keyword played a big part in adding a certain flair to the design.

/imagine organic architecture design, meditation retreat built from natural materials, the retreat includes serene water features, tranquil and calm space --ar 16:9

midjourney architecture prompt example

To me, this is more attractive than any penthouse in some of the biggest cities in the world. Having a structure made from natural materials enables you to blend in with nature. This is the type of property I would like to own one day.

/imagine exterior of a cutting-edge sports arena that features dynamic LED lighting and a retractable roof, convenient for some of the world's biggest sports events --ar 16:9

sports arena midjourney prompt

Wow! This is an amazing structure. The image as a whole is spectacular, everything from the lighting to how the colors blend in together. I can comfortably say that this is one of my favorite images that was generated from a prompt I wrote, and I wasn't expecting to say that at all when I sent this prompt.

/imagine architecture design, traditional Japanese tea house that features sliding doors, minimalistic design, spacious, natural materials --ar 16:9

japanese tea house midjourney prompt

This is another example of a tranquil living space. I've always loved old-school Japanese architecture, so it made sense to mention it in at least one of the prompts here.

/imagine modern eco-village that features shared spaces, communal gardens, and energy-efficient homes, architecture design concept --ar 16:9

eco village architecture example midjourney

This is a very interesting design concept. Maybe this is what the suburbs of the future will look like. Either way, they honestly look much better to me than the suburbs we currently have. The neighborhood looks phenomenal. I wouldn't mind moving here when I have kids.

/imagine imaginative architecture design for a cultural plaza that includes outdoor amphitheaters, sculpture gardens, and intricate fountains --ar 16:9

cultural plaza architecture in midjourney

You can use a simple adjective like 'imaginative' in your prompt, and it will have a huge impact on the generated output. It's easy to fall in love with the designs Midjourney creates when they are this good.

/imagine modern and elegant farmhouse design featuring a wrap-around porch, barn-inspired elements, and large windows --ar 16:9

modern farmhouse midjourney architecture prompt

This is a marvelous farmhouse design that has just about everything you need. Maybe it's worth adding a small pool in the backyard for when it gets hot outside. But overall, this design is something that works and if properly maintained can last for generations.

/imagine architecture design concept of a traditional Mediterranean villa with terracotta roofs and arched courtyards --ar 16:9

mediterranean villa midjourney prompt

I made sure to include a variety of designs in this article. For my final prompt, I wanted to create a traditional Mediterranean villa. If you've ever seen one in real life, you know just how striking they can be.

Final Thoughts

There are various ways you can use Midjourney prompts for architecture. You can create 3D models of concepts and ideas you have. You can boost your imagination and creativity. You can even use the designs for a video game or 3D animated film or music video.

There is no doubt that someone with a knack for writing these types of prompts can create a viral page on a social media website to showcase architectural marvels created with the help of artificial intelligence.

Above all, it will give you a chance to practice your prompting skills in Midjourney. My bet is that there will be a huge demand for people who know how to properly interact with text-to-image AI models in the near future.

When you get out of your comfort zone and write different prompts than what you're used to, you'll become better at prompting. You'll also pick up a lot of terms that may be helpful in your future prompting adventures.

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