Midjourney Prompts for Characters (15 Prompt Examples)

Midjourney is a great tool for creating fictional characters, whether it's concept art for an animated show, video game, or anything else.

Midjourney is great for creating fictional characters. It doesn't matter if you're looking to create concept art for an animated show about a superhero or for a film about a society in a post-apocalyptic world - Midjourney will help you create characters in a matter of seconds.

Ever since the fourth iteration of Midjourney was released to the public, users have seen the amazing possibilities you have when you're creating AI art. Things only got better following the release of Midjourney v5, which has especially shown an improvement in realism.

What's great about Midjourney is that you can use natural language to generate an image. All you have to do is describe in detail what you want to see.

Today, I'll give you numerous prompt examples that you can use to create characters in Midjourney. Every time you enter a prompt, the AI model will generate different results. This means that even when you copy an entire prompt of mine word for word, you'll likely see different images than the ones I post in this article.

midjourney prompts for characters featured

You can also try tweaking my prompts a bit to get some interesting results. Before I share prompt examples, I want to give you a few tips you can use to write Midjourney prompts for characters.

5 Tips to Master Writing Midjourney Prompts for Characters

It's not that difficult to start writing great prompts for characters. Even if you have no prior Midjourney experience, you could still write a few sentences about how you imagine a certain character and the AI model will generate high-quality images.

Regardless of whether you've used Midjourney before or not, you will most likely find the tips I'm about to share useful when it comes to generating images of characters. Here are some rules that I follow to ensure the generated results are always good.

  1. Keep the Prompts Concise - This is the most helpful piece of advice that I can give you. Avoid writing complex prompts that contain too many unnecessary details. You should keep your prompts concise. That doesn't mean they should be short, but that you should include only the essential details.
  2. Consider the Backstory - Every character needs some type of backstory. It's up to you to come up with a backstory for your characters. By doing this, you'll be able to use pieces of the backstory in different prompts to create awesome images.
  3. Imagine the Environment - The environment in which your character is a part of can play a strong role in how you pitch your ideas. Make sure to thoroughly imagine the environment in which you'll place your characters.
  4. Specify an Art Style - You don't always have to specify an art style when you're writing Midjourney prompts for characters, but it's really useful sometimes. For instance, if you want to create a character in a post-apocalyptic world you can include the cyberpunk art style in your prompts to simply explain to the AI model how you want the generated images to look.
  5. Use the Describe Command - I've written a whole article about the describe command in Midjourney, which I think you should definitely check out. Using this command can help you find the perfect words to describe characters in your prompts.

These are the five most essential tips for writing Midjourney prompts for characters. It's not hard to incorporate them into your prompt writing process.

Now that you've learned a bit about how you can write good prompts, it's time to put this knowledge to use and see what type of characters it's possible to create in Midjourney.

15 Midjourney Prompt Examples for Characters

I'm going to show you images of random characters that I've created in Midjourney so far, along with the prompts that were used to generate them. I want to note that all of the images you'll see in this article are generated with the fifth iteration of Midjourney.

It's also important to consider the aspect ratio of the images you want to generate. If you want to create something like a poster, you should use a 2:3 aspect ratio. On the other hand, a 16:9 aspect ratio would be perfect to showcase both your character and the environment you envisioned.

My goal with these prompt examples is to help spark your creativity so that you can come up with some cool prompt ideas. All of the characters you're about to see were made thanks to certain things that influenced me in my life, such as RPG video games, animated TV shows, and fantasy literature.

Here's the first one.

/imagine portrait of an undead skeleton warrior with cuts on the skull. The skeleton warrior wears an old, dusty medieval outfit and has a weapon, video game character, unreal engine, 8k, intricate details --v 5 --ar 2:3

midjourney prompts for characters skeleton

I've seen many skeleton warrior characters in various RPG video games I've played. I really wanted to recreate something similar and the first two images that were generated by Midjourney here are simply amazing in my opinion.

/imagine 3D animated fox that is a thief and carries a big, brown bag filled with prized possessions. The fox lives in a forest and always dresses smart. The fox has a charming smile, animated character, illustration, 3D animated, Pixar, animated movie --v 5 --ar 16:9

midjourney characters fox

I decided to only include one of the generated images here instead of all four because this one stood out so much. It's really amazing what Midjourney can generate in 30 seconds.

/imagine 2D illustration of an anthropomorphic mouse running through the city training for a marathon, simple illustration, cute, children's book --v 5 --ar 16:9

midjourney characters prompts mouse

This set of four images is perfect for showcasing how much variety Midjourney can provide when you're using the AI model. Remember that you can always make variations of the images you like the most.

/imagine cyberpunk style photorealistic image of a man with an eyepatch in a post-apocalyptic world holding a rusty pipe, angry and confused, tired, sweaty, exhausted, photorealism, dystopia --v 5 --ar 2:3

post apocalyptic man midjourney prompt

/imagine old wizard with a long white beard living in the arctic. The wizard has a long blue staff and is dressed in a dark blue wizard outfit, video game character, unreal engine, 3D animated --v 5 --ar 16:9

old wizard midjourney

/imagine 3D illustration of a happy green pterodactyl flying through a prehistoric Earth, volcano erupting in the background, cute, animated show, 3D animation --v 5 --ar 16:9

pterodactyl volcano midjourney example

/imagine photorealistic image of an old medieval king sitting on the throne with a scared facial expression as he is unable to find a worthy successor, close-up, insanely detailed --v 5 --ar 3:4

medieval king midjourney prompt result

/imagine anime style portrait of a woman skilled in martial arts and equipped with Samurai weapons wearing a beautiful white dress with pink flowers, wondrous, powerful, obscure --v 5 --ar 2:3

anime woman samurai

/imagine anime style illustration of a group of high school students wearing school uniforms spending time on the beach together, bonfire, big waves, great day at the beach, sand --v 5 --ar 16:9

anime beach midjourney

/imagine video game 3D illustration of a group of pirates on an old, wooden pirate ship laughing and surrounded by rum and gold. The pirates are armed with a variety of weapons, scary --v 5 --ar 16:9

video game pirates midjourney

/imagine manga style illustration of a successful businessman dressed in a suit talking with an urban woman fashion creator, humorous, charming --v 5 --ar 16:9

manga illustration midrjourney prompt results

/imagine low poly cowboys walking together in a desert, armed with a variety of weapons --v 5 --ar 16:9

low poly cowboys midjourney

/imagine photorealistic image of a villain dressed in a dark purple costume. He emits purple waves of destruction from his suit that stops anybody in his way, evil, villain, scary --v 5 --ar 2:3

midjourney prompt for characters purple villain

/imagine Marvel style superhero dressed in a red robe seeking vengeance --v 5 --ar 2:3

marvel superhero midjourney characters example

/imagine Disney style animated unicorn racing towards a rainbow set in a beautiful green landscape. The unicorn is thrilled and excited, 3D animation, animated film, full HD, charming, intricate details --v 5 --ar 16:9

unicorn rainbow midjourney

These are only some of the ideas I came up with while I was using Midjourney to create characters. I tried to include some variety in these examples to show you how you can use different styles when you're making characters.

Final Thoughts

It's easy to see why so many people have already spent countless hours creating characters in Midjourney. It's such an amazing process to imagine a certain character in your head and then find the right words to describe it, so that you can finally see an image of it.

It really doesn't matter whether you want to create an illustrated character for a comic book or a photorealistic image of a character for a live-action TV series. Midjourney will allow you to see what your ideas would look like in less than a minute.

While writing prompts for Midjourney may seem intuitive to some people, there are still some things you should pay attention to. Some of my most important rules for writing Midjourney prompts for characters are:

  • Keep the prompts concise
  • Imagine the environment
  • Consider the backstory
  • Specify an art style
  • Use the describe command

As long as you follow these tips and fully express your creativity when writing prompts, you'll make some amazing images.

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