Midjourney Prompts for Greeting Cards (12 Prompt Examples)

You can basically create any type of greeting card design in Midjourney, and the whole process will usually take a few minutes.

I personally believe that greeting cards will never go out of style. It's a great way to let your family members, friends, clients, and coworkers know that you're thinking about them.

People send greeting cards to congratulate an anniversary, birthday, birth of a baby, retirement, engagement, and so on. It's also a good idea to send greeting cards during major holidays.

While there are a lot of different greeting card designs that you can find both in physical stores and online, it's not good that you're limited to a relatively small number of options. Thanks to Midjourney, you won't have that problem anymore. All you have to do is provide a relatively short text description, and the AI model will generate a design based on it.

If you don't want to use them yourself, you can also create various greeting card designs with Midjourney and sell them to others. You can either sell them as prompts on certain platforms or by applying the designs on cards and selling them online. I have an article on how to make money with Midjourney, which I recommend you check out if you want to start generating profit from your prompting skills.

midjourney prompts for greeting cards

Make Greeting Cards in Midjourney

It's not too difficult to start making greeting card designs in Midjourney. The first thing you should do is go on Google and check out a variety of designs to get inspired.

Once you've seen some of the most popular designs today, you should start coming up with your own ideas. It's usually even better if your ideas don't have a lot in common with the greeting cards you saw online.

There's really no right way to write a prompt. You could do it in several ways, either by giving instructions like you would to a human or using only different keywords in your prompts. Some of the things you should consider doing include providing a description of what will be featured on the greeting card, picking an art style, describing an aesthetic, using parameters, etc.

I believe that you should learn through prompt examples anyway, so I'll end this section right here and move on to the fun part of the article.

12 Midjourney Prompt Examples for Greeting Cards

There are a variety of different greeting cards that are used. I can't create a design for each one of them because that would make the article insanely long. Instead, I'll just focus on the most popular types of greeting cards. With that being said, this section of the article will be separated into different categories.

I'll use a 5:7 aspect ratio for each of the prompts below because the standard greeting card dimensions are 5x7 inches.

Valentine's Day Card Midjourney Prompt Example

Giving someone a Valentine's Day card is a classy way to show your feelings for them. Here's a prompt you can use to create a nice Valentine's greeting card.

/imagine Valentine's Day card design, hearts in random locations, symbol of love, watercolor art style, simple --ar 5:7 --s 350 --w 50 --c 15

valentines day card midjourney prompt

I decided to use the watercolor art style here because I think it goes well with these types of cards. It's warm and uses soft colors, so it's definitely visually appealing. I also used a combination of different parameters to make the image more unique.

Graduation Card Midjourney Prompt Example

Is someone in your family graduating soon? You can prepare for this occasion ahead of time and create a cool graduation greeting card design.

/imagine greeting card design, graduation cap thrown thrown in the sky, cartoon style illustration, hand drawn art style, wholesome, cute, low details --ar 5:7

graduation card midjourney prompt

I didn't want too many details clogging up the image. Instead, I wanted the AI model to generate a simple image. That's why I chose this specific type of illustration and art style. In my opinion, this is an excellent graduation card design.

Get Well Soon Card Midjourney Prompt Example

When someone you know is in the hospital, you should send them a get well soon card to lift their spirits. Maybe the design below is exactly what you're looking for.

/imagine greeting card design, overcoming illness and becoming a superhuman, superpowers, motivational design, inspirational, 2D illustration --ar 5:7

get well soon card midjourney prompt

This is the type of design that will remind people that they can regain their strength and should remain positive and motivated at all times. I really like the colors that were used for this design.

Christmas Card Midjourney Prompt Example

I wrote an entire article about Midjourney prompts for Christmas. In that piece, you can find great prompt examples for everything from Christmas themed clipart to stickers.

/imagine Christmas card design, vibrant colors, Santa in front of a rustic wooden house with a big present in his hand, illustrated, fantasy aesthetic, simple illustration --ar 5:7

christmas card midjourney prompt

This is pretty much how I imagined the image when I was writing the prompt. It's also a familiar scene, which is probably why the AI model was able to do such a fantastic job with this one.

Engagement Card Midjourney Prompt Example

Is one of your friends recently engaged? One of the best ways to congratulate is by sending a greeting card to the lucky couple.

/imagine greeting card design, engagement card, floral aesthetic, floral elements spread across the design, flowers that symbolize love --ar 5:7

engagement card midjourney prompt

This is an absolutely gorgeous design. I didn't specifically mention that the flowers should be in the shape of a heart so it's quite impressive that the AI model decided to do this by itself.

Halloween Card Midjourney Prompt Example

I previously mentioned about previously writing an entire article dedicated to prompts for Christmas. But did you know I also have an article with Midjourney prompts for Halloween? It's filled with examples that'll help you create everything from Halloween wallpapers to posters.

/imagine Halloween card, pumpkin with an evil smile, black background, scary, darkcore aesthetic, grim, horrorcore aesthetic --ar 5:7 --s 250 --w 100 --c 25

halloween card midjourney prompt

I'm not going to lie, this is quite a creepy design. It also contains the perfect amount of detail. The color palette is insanely good as well. In fact, this may be one of the best Halloween card designs I've ever seen.

Birthday Card Midjourney Prompt Example

Everybody has their special day in a year. You can boost their mood even further by sending them a nice birthday card with a present inside.

/imagine birthday card design, beautiful multicolored layered cake with birthday candles on top, confetti in the background, colorful, vibrant colors, celebration, excitement --ar 5:7

birthday card midjourney prompt

There's really a lot going on in this design. And that's the way it should be when you're trying to trigger excitement in people. The cake looks really delicious too. If you want, you can even add text to the birthday card using an image editing software.

Retirement Card Midjourney Prompt Example

I'm multiple decades away from my retirement, but I imagine that entering that phase is one of the best feelings in life. You've worked hard for most of your life and now you have the time to do what you always wanted.

/imagine retirement card design, hand drawn illustration, old couple in love on a cruise ship sailing the world --ar 5:7

retirement card midjourney prompt

I provided you with a very simple prompt example here, but you can essentially describe anything the retiree might enjoy and turn it into a retirement card design.

Friendship Card Midjourney Prompt Example

You have to take a moment to appreciate all the friends in your life from time to time. If you want to remind a close friend how much they mean to you, create a friendship card design in Midjourney and send it to them.

/imagine greeting card design, friendship, symbols of friendship, together through thick and thin, appreciation, honesty, respect, loyalty --ar 5:7

friendship card midjourney prompt

This is the type of prompt you'd make for general purposes. But if you want something a bit more personal, you can describe a shared memory that you and your friend have and use it to create a cool customized design.

Farewell Card Midjourney Prompt Example

You should send a farewell card to a coworker or client who might be leaving your company or city. The design below works well if they're moving to a different city or country.

/imagine farewell card design, muscle car on a highway driving off into the distance, sun is setting in the background, hand drawn illustration, comic illustration --ar 5:7

farewell card midjourney prompt

The design above perfectly encapsulates how it feels when you make a big change in your life and are prepared for a whole new chapter filled with exciting adventures.

Congratulations Card Midjourney Prompt Example

This is the type of greeting card that you send to someone when you want to congratulate them on their achievements. This can be anything from finishing school to getting a good job.

/imagine greeting card design, ecstatic celebration, happy, thrilled, vibrant colors, pastel color palette, happiness, exciting, filled with joy --ar 5:7 --s 250

congratulations card midjourney prompt

Aside from the fact that I clearly instructed the model to use a specific color palette, I literally just combined several keywords. They don't describe what should be featured in the design, but they do convey what type of emotions the card should elicit.

Anniversary Card Midjourney Prompt Example

You don't have to send an anniversary card every year. However, when a couple has been married for 5, 10, 20, 30, or more years, it's a good idea to congratulate them on a happy and healthy relationship.

/imagine anniversary card design, minimalist design, floral elements, simple line art illustration of a couple in love --ar 5:7

anniversary card midjourney prompt

These are the types of greeting cards I like. I love a simple design. It's worth noting that you shouldn't attempt to use the stylize parameter when you want to create a minimalist style image. The prompt will work only if stylization is at its default level or lower.

Final Thoughts

You can basically create any type of greeting card design in Midjourney, and the whole process will usually take a few minutes. The process will be more difficult if you plan on selling your designs. In this case, you'll need to come up with a variety of original ideas that people will like. It will take weeks if not months to create a collection with countless designs that you might be able to sell, so make sure you’re prepared for a challenge like that.

When it comes to creating greeting card designs for personal use, I provided you with a lot of different types of prompts in this article. It's up to you to decide what your prompts will look like. My personal preference when it comes to greeting card designs is a minimalistic aesthetic. I like it when the design is simple but memorable.

Obviously, I could've made designs that only I like but I wanted to write prompts that appeal to different people and their preferences. If you want, you can feel free to use any of the prompts I wrote for this article. In case you want to generate an exact image like myself, drop a comment and ask for the seed of a specific image.

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