Midjourney Prompts for Logos (20 Prompt Examples)

Writing Midjourney prompts for logos is not too difficult of a task. You can generate incredible logos even with simple prompts.

Midjourney has become a popular tool for logo creation. It enables you to create a stunning logo in less than a minute without having to know too much about design.

The beauty of Midjourney is that you only need natural language to make a logo. With that being said, you should be familiar with the terminology used in logo design to ensure you describe exactly what you want to see the AI model create.

I've already written an in-depth article about how to make logos with Midjourney. While that article does a great job of explaining the process of making logos with this text-to-image model, it doesn't contain too many examples.

Today, I want to focus more on Midjourney prompts for logos. I'll share 20 prompts you can use to create awesome logos in Midjourney. But before we get down to the actual prompts, let's discuss what you should pay attention to when writing them.

How to Write Midjourney Prompts for Logos?

What's really cool about writing logo prompts in Midjourney is that you can generate an amazing image with a really short prompt. That would be pretty difficult to do if you were to create photorealistic images.

Although the process behind writing Midjourney prompts for logos is pretty straightforward, you'll need to pay attention to a few things. First of all, you should define the type of logo you want to create. In case you're unfamiliar with the terms, make sure you read up on them to know how to describe to the model what you want generated.

You should also learn at least a few terms people use in design. For example, you should know how a keyword like 'vector art' will affect a logo design. Finally, you should include as many relevant keywords as you can to ensure the logo is created exactly as you imagine it.

Midjourney Prompts for Different Logo Types

When you start writing Midjourney prompts for logos, you first have to think about what type of logo it should be. To make this article easier to follow, I have divided it into four different categories.

With the current iteration of the Midjourney AI model, it's impossible to create certain types of logos with a prompt. Since you can't control the text that the AI model will use to create an image, you won't be able to generate wordmark or lettermark logos.

The four different types of logos I'll cover in this article include pictorial mark, abstract mark, emblems, and mascot mark logos.

Midjourney Prompts for Pictorial Mark Logos

Pictorial mark logos represent graphic-based logos. In other words, it's an image or an icon that is meant to be easily recognizable. Apple has one of the best and most famous pictorial mark logos of all time. It's the simplicity of it that makes it so iconic.

/imagine pictorial mark logo of a fox with a smile, simple, vector art, cute --v 5

midjourney prompts for logos pictorial mark example

I'm not sure why, but seeing this logo makes me want to open up a coffee shop just so I can use it. This is a very simple logo that could work well for businesses in various industries. As you can see, the prompt is quite concise. You could easily add more details to customize it the way you like.

/imagine pictorial mark logo of a rainbow-colored leaf, 3D animated, polished, full HD, high quality, rendered, Unreal Engine 5 --v 5

midjourney pictorial logo leaf example

It can sometimes be difficult to get a good logo from Midjourney when you use words like 3D animated in your prompts. It took a few tries to get this set of four logos that are good. I personally like the second and the third image the most here.

/imagine pictorial mark logo of a bonsai tree with beautiful colorful flowers growing out of it, flower shop logo, 2D art, clean, colorful, floral art --v 5

midjourney pictorial logo prompt example bonsai tree

I'm really impressed with the results here. What's even crazier is that I got this set of four images on the first try. It usually takes multiple tries to get the results I want, but I was lucky here. All four logos are beautiful in my opinion.

/imagine pictorial mark logo showing a dessert cake with strawberries on top of it, 2D illustration, decorative --v 5

midjourney prompts for logos dessert cake

Who doesn't like strawberries on a cake? Do those people actually exist? All jokes aside, if I were opening up a cake shop and needed a new logo I would make sure that it contains some type of fruit. Fruit is always visually appealing, so it makes sense to include it in a logo.

/imagine pictorial mark logo of a colorful shining gemstone, ruby, emerald, topaz, amethyst, sapphire, diamond, simple design, colorful, shining bright, beautiful, polished design --v 5

midjourney logo example gemstone

Okay, I have a confession to make. I'm a huge fan of Diablo 2 and that is exactly the reason why I can name all of these types of gemstones at a moment's notice.

This is one of my favorite logos that I made for this article. I did take a lot of attempts and required me to tweak the prompt significantly. The problem was that in most cases Midjourney would generate at least six different gemstones, which doesn't look great when you're making a logo. But this one is just perfect.

/imagine pictorial mark logo showing an illustration of a chocolate-chip cookie, delicious cookies, eye-catching, cute, simple --v 5

midjourney pictorial mark logo cookie example

Less is more is a rule that often applies to logo design. You want it to be both simple and eye-catching. This cookie is well-designed and could be used as a logo regardless of whether you want to sell cookies or start a software company.

/imagine pictorial mark logo of a blue strawberry, clean design, flat design, 2D art, simple illustration, vector art --v 5

blue strawberry midjourney logo example

It took me a while before I got Midjourney to generate an image of a blue strawberry that I actually liked. This is a very clean design and is reminiscent of something you'd imagine seeing a SaaS company use for a logo. I'm quite impressed with this result.

Midjourney Prompts for Abstract Mark Logos

Abstract mark logos are similar to pictorial mark logos. While both of these types rely on images to encapsulate brands, pictorial mark logos consist of images that are closely tied to the name of the brand. Think how the Apple logo image is literally an apple. The same can be said for Target's logo.

Abstract mark logos rely on abstract geometric forms. Some of the most popular examples of abstract mark logos include TikTok and Chase Bank.

/imagine abstract mark logo showing a supernova, dark purple color, awe, mystic, inspiring --v 5

midjourney abstract logo supernova example

You never know what to expect when you enter a prompt in Midjourney. The prompt above generated multiple different results, and only this one featured a letter in the design. For some reason, this logo really stood out to me.

/imagine abstract mark logo showing the eternal fight between good and evil, tale old as time, conflict, creative --v 5

midjourney good vs evil logo design example

You'll notice that the prompt I used to generate these images is a bit different from the rest I've covered in the article so far. I think these types of prompts work well when you want to create abstract mark logos.

/imagine abstract mark logo of a tsunami, vector art, 2D art, drawing, powerful --v 5

midjourney abstract mark logo tsunami example

This is a good logo but if I were to use it I would send it to a designer first because I think it would look better if it was simplified a bit. The design is great, but I just think that there's a lot going on in this image. In my opinion, it would catch the attention of a customer more if it was simpler.

/imagine abstract mark logo showing a baby elephant discovering the world, artistic, abstract, innovative --v 5

midjourney abstract logo elephant

Wow! These are all great logos. I personally like the third one the most, but all four are great. It's rare to see Midjourney produce outstanding results for all four images in a set. What's even more amazing is that it generated this set of images on the first try.

/imagine abstract mark logo of an infinite stream of thoughts traveling through the boundless universe at light speed and expanding the very fabric of which space is made out of, vector art, abstract, extremely creative, intricate details --v 5

midjourney logo universe example

If you want to get abstract results, you'll sometimes have to write abstract prompts. That's exactly what I did when I got the idea to create a logo like this in Midjourney. But I think it could be even better if some details were altered or erased. Like with the tsunami logo, the image would be more appealing if it were simpler.

Midjourney Prompts for Emblem Mark Logos

Emblems represent another popular type of logo design. Some of the most popular emblem logos in the world include Starbucks and Harley-Davidson. In most cases, government agencies and schools use emblem logos because of their traditional appearance. But huge companies like Starbucks show that they can also be used by businesses with much success.

/imagine emblem logo of a vortex of computer code, matrix, green color, alluring, spooky --v 5

midjourney emblem logo prompt code vortex

If you don't include the word 'spooky' in the prompt, you won't get the effect you see in this image. The logo literally gives off spooky vibes, and I really like that here. It would be a great logo for a movie or TV show.

/imagine emblem mark logo shaped like a triangle showing mountains, simple, flat, 2D art, vector art --v 5

midjourney emblem mark logo mountains

This is the type of minimalism I like to see in a logo. It's easier to raise awareness about your brand when you have a logo like this. What I really like here is that I didn't even have to write the word 'minimalistic' or 'minimalism' in the prompt. However, it's hard to get a clean design like this if you don't include keywords like 'flat' and 'simple'.

/imagine emblem mark logo of a powerful volcano erupting, 2D art, simple, adventurous --v 5

midjourney prompt emblem logo volcano example

The second logo in this set of images is by far the best, in my opinion. Despite it being superior, I wanted to show all four images here because I think they show how versatile Midjourney can be with the images it generates.

/imagine emblem mark logo showing a bouquet of red roses, 2D art, vector art --v 5

emblem mark logo roses midjourney example

These images were generated with an incredibly simple prompt. I didn't have to include too many details here because a bouquet of red roses always looks beautiful. Of course, you can add as many details as you want to tailor a logo like this to your liking.

Midjourney Prompts for Mascot Mark Logos

Most people love when a mascot serves as the face of a brand. Some of the most recognizable mascots are found in logos of brands like KFC, Pringles, Reddit, Cheetos, and Wendy's. If you want to create a mascot mark logo, you should come up with a character that will bring your brand closer to your customers.

/imagine mascot logo of a brown bear holding a white chocolate bar, vector art, drawing --v 5

mascot mark logo bear midjourney example

Mascot logos are super fun to make. This is a really cute bear, and I'm surprised that the result was this good considering the prompt isn't very specific. Sometimes it's best to start experimenting on an idea with a short prompt and then see whether you should add any details to get the result you want. It doesn't happen too often, but there is a chance you might get the perfect image on the first try with a short prompt.

/imagine mascot logo showing a ninja in a full ninja outfit looking directly at the camera, comic book style art --v 5

midjourney emblem logo example ninja

The first ninja here is my favorite. I imagine using the logo if I had an antivirus software company. But I think that it could easily fit a variety of businesses in different industries.

/imagine mascot mark logo of a cute Tyrannosaurus rex surrounded with toys, animated, comic book style art, children's book art, cute dinosaur --v 5

mascot logo trex example midjourney

From my experiments with different variations of the prompt above, it's not that easy to create a logo of a cute dinosaur. In most cases, the dinosaur doesn't look too cute. I could've changed that by including a modifier like "The Land Before Time" but I didn't want the style here to be a copy of one of my favorite animated movies. Anyway, I'm happy to have created a logo like this in the end. Perfect for a toy shop.

/imagine mascot mark logo showing an anthropomorphic raccoon wearing skater's clothes and riding a skateboard, comic book style character, fun, creative, funny --v 5

midjourney mascot mark logo raccoon

You have to let your creativity flow when you're writing Midjourney prompts. I often just write the first words that come to my head and try to make a prompt out of it by including certain keywords later on. You can experiment with this prompt idea by changing the animal or the type of clothes it wears.

Final Thoughts

Writing Midjourney prompts for logos is not too difficult of a task. You can generate incredible logos even with simple prompts.

There are four different types of logos I've covered in this article, including:

  • Pictorial mark logos
  • Abstract mark logos
  • Emblem mark logos
  • Mascot mark logos

If you plan on using Midjourney to generate great designs, you'll have to remember to specify which type of logo you want to make at the beginning of the prompt. You should also get familiar with the terminology used in design so that you're able to describe what you want to see.

If you're new to Midjourney and don't know how to start writing good prompts, I recommend you alter different parts of my prompts to see how it affects the output until you become comfortable crafting your own prompts.

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