Midjourney Prompts for Wall Art (12 Prompt Examples)

When you create wall art in Midjourney, you'll be able to take the customization of the interior of your home to a whole new level.

Wall art can add a lot of visual appeal to the interior of your home. But it can be quite difficult to find an art piece that is affordable and you like enough to hang on your wall.

When you're deciding which art piece you want to hang, you'll likely opt for something that relates to your personality or interests. You can find a lot of really talented artists online and order some of their masterpieces. You can also support local artists, which often gives you the opportunity to find more affordable pieces.

However, you're going to hang something on your wall that another person created without your input. Today, there's an alternative that enables you to provide input to an generative AI model and have it create a beautiful work of art you can hang on your wall. You get to have a say in how the art piece will look.

Although I urge everyone to support talented artists, I know that some people want to have the option to fully customize the wall art they'll hang in their homes. With Midjourney this is not only possible but relatively easy to do.

If you don't want to create wall art only for yourself, you can also sell the designs you created in Midjourney. I talk about this in great detail in my article on how to make money with Midjourney. I suggest you read it if you want to use your prompting skills to start generating profit.

midjourney prompts for wall art

How To Write Wall Art Prompts in Midjourney

In this article, I will explain and show you how to make beautiful wall art with the Midjourney text-to-image AI model. Before I start explaining the process, I want to mention that you'll need to upscale the images you create so they look good when you hang them on a wall.

I personally use a free and open-source image upscaler called Upscayl. Since there is a limit to how much you can upscale an image in Midjourney, it's important to use additional software to increase both the resolution and the quality of an image.

Now, how can you make wall art in Midjourney? I would say that the first part of the process should be to get familiar with the different art styles you can mention in your prompts. I wrote an article about the 33 best art styles for Midjourney where you can find relevant information on this topic.

Another thing you should pay attention to when making art in Midjourney is the use of parameters. It makes sense to use parameters when you're creating art. There's literally a parameter that can make an image more artistic. It's called the stylize parameter.

On the other hand, you can use the weird parameter when you want the AI model to produce unpredictable results. This can be a great idea when you're making abstract art. If you're not too familiar with these advanced options, I suggest you read my complete guide on how to use Midjourney parameters. It's an in-depth article that covers everything you need to know about these cool Midjourney features.

If you're relatively new to Midjourney, this may sound a bit confusing. Let me share a simple framework you can use for making wall art in Midjourney:

  • Choose an art style and mention it at the beginning of your prompt.
  • Decide whether you want to use the default 1:1 aspect ratio or change it.
  • Describe what you want to see generated concisely while still including all the vital details.
  • Once you've written the base prompt, experiment with different parameters to see how they impact the generated results.
  • When applicable, use the Midjourney inpainting feature to make small or big changes to a generated image.
  • Use an upscaler to increase both the resolution and quality of a generated image.

That's about it. While the process may be simple, you'll still need to be inspired and use your imagination to write good prompts. That's the tricky part. But it becomes much easier after you've used Midjourney for a while. If you want to get inspired to create, I suggest you check out the prompt examples in the next section of the article.

12 Midjourney Prompt Examples for Wall Art

This is where the real fun begins. I'm going to share some prompt examples and the images that were generated from them. I've included only images that I think are worthy of being hung on a wall. Not everybody will like all of them because I've included a lot of variety, but I believe there's something for everyone in the examples below.

/imagine watercolor art style, pastel colors, magical wonderland, high-fantasy realm with beautiful otherworldly nature and friendly creatures --ar 16:12

watercolor wall art midjourney prompt

The watercolor art style is a great choice when you're making art you want to hang on your wall. I tried to use a variety of parameters here but the base prompt produced the best results. I've had the option to choose from a variety of images, but this is the one that stood out to me.

/imagine abstract art, minimalist, rejuvenation, picking up the broken pieces and building something new and better, symbolization of strength and power, unstoppable forces --ar 3:2 --w 100 --s 250

minimalist abstract wall art midjourney prompt

If you're into abstract art, you're going to have a lot of fun prompting in Midjourney. I decided to use both the stylize and weird parameters in this prompt. The weird parameter is an excellent choice for abstract art because it makes the generated images more offbeat and quirky.

/imagine ukiyo-e art style, divine power that maintains the cosmic balance, the source of life, symbolic representations of existence --ar 5:7 --w 50 --s 200 --c 15

ukiyo-e wall art midjourney prompt

Ukiyo-e represents a genre of Japanese art that became incredibly popular during the Tokugawa period which lasted from the beginning of the 17th century to the second half of the 19th century. I used a few different parameters here, including the chaos feature that introduces more variety to the initial image grid. The generated result is absolutely incredible.

/imagine pop art aesthetic, randomized geometric shapes and patterns, bright colors, colorful --s 450 --c 15

geometric shapes wall art midjourney prompt

Pop art is a mid-20th century movement that was started by artists who began to reject tradition and embrace the modern age. One of the leading figures of this movement was Andy Warhol. The art style remains popular to this day and can make for beautiful wall art. I mean, just look at the image above.

I had to significantly increase the stylization value and add a relatively small chaos parameter value to get this result.

/imagine art deco aesthetic, harmony in nature, the delicate balance that makes life possible, lush greenery, birds, insects, butterflies, mother nature --s 300 --c 15

art deco wall art midjourney prompt

This is one of my favorite art styles. It emerged and became popular at the beginning of the 20th century. This style can be applied to product design, architecture, and visual arts. In my opinion, wall art in this style can make the interior of your home more classy. You can simply use the 'art deco' keyword in your prompts and experiment with a lot of different ideas to produce wonderful images.

/imagine bauhaus art style, modern minimalism, simple and clean, the rise of artificial intelligence, rapid technological advancements, uncertain future, loss of individualism --s 300 --c 30

bauhaus minimalism wall art midjourney prompt

The Bauhaus art style originated in Germany and is recognized by its use of simple geometric shapes. If you're into minimalist wall art, you're going to love using the Bauhaus style in your prompts. You simply give the AI model a specific concept, and it will create a work of art from it.

/imagine futurism art style, visual representation of the fast pace of technological innovation, society approaching a technological singularity, scientific discoveries reshaping the world --w 150 --s 250 --c 15

futurism wall art midjourney prompt

I've been fascinated by emerging technologies ever since I was a child. I often find myself imagining what the world will be like in the future. I've become better at making predictions as I've gotten older. I really believe that we're slowly approaching a technological singularity. Who knows when we'll reach the point of no return, but there will be a time when scientific discoveries will happen at a rate unfathomable to the human mind.

/imagine minimalism, shining multicolored cube that contains all the answers to life's biggest mysteries, abstract visualization of all the knowledge in the universe --w 50 --s 150 --c 15

minimalism cube wall art midjourney prompt

I have the most fun with Midjourney when I'm creating minimalist and abstract art pieces. There's something so magical about giving the AI model an abstract idea and then seeing how it interprets it visually. One thing to pay attention to when making minimalist art is not to increase the stylization value too much as that might lead to the image containing more details than you want.

/imagine psychedelic art style, beautiful natural landscape with a powerful waterfall in the center showcasing the power of nature --ar 16:9

psychedelic wall art midjourney prompt

Sometimes, it's best to keep your prompts simple. It's perfectly fine to just explain a simple concept or describe exactly what you want to see in the image and let the AI model do the rest. That's what I did with this prompt, and look at how great the image turned out.

/imagine painting in the impressionism art style showing an ancient civilization living in harmony, monolithic structures, wonders of the old world

impressionism wall art midjourney prompt

It's fun to think about how the ancient world actually looked like. We only have a tiny fragment of clues that point to what this world was like. This is definitely an interesting combination of art style and subject matter.

/imagine pixel art style, noble medieval warrior on a quest to save the world from evil, fantasy world setting, 1980s RPG game aesthetic --ar 3:4 --c 15

pixel art style wall art midjourey prompt

My prediction is that pixel art is going to be one of the most popular art styles within a decade or two. I think that the nostalgia it triggers has made it increasingly popular in recent years. I also think it symbolically represents the beginning of this computer era we're living in.

/imagine glitch art style, life in a time where humans and machines have fully merged, the age of robotics and microchips, titanium beings --ar 16:12

glitch wall art midjourney prompt

The glitch art style is quite fascinating and can produce stunning images when you include a futuristic subject matter in your prompt. If you're into futurism, I think you'll appreciate wall art like the image above.

Final Thoughts

By now you've hopefully learned how to make stunning wall art in Midjourney. My goal was to include a lot of variety here, but you can choose to only use the art styles and aesthetics you like.

When you create wall art in Midjourney for personal use, you'll be able to take the customization of the interior of your home to a whole new level. Of course, you can also sell your prompts or generated images if you want. If you're selling images, it's imperative that you highlight the fact that they were generated with the help of artificial intelligence.

The best piece of advice I can give you when you're making wall art is to experiment with different parameters. The use of parameters can greatly influence generated results, so it's best to assign different values or use a variety of parameter combinations to get unique results.

Other than that, you should just use your imagination to create art. Don't even follow my framework at all if you think it'll help you create better art. Just let go of any conventional way of thinking and write whatever comes to mind. Express your emotions, dreams, fears, and anything else and the AI model will turn it into fabulous art.

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