Stable Diffusion Prompts for Characters (15 Prompt Examples)

Text-to-image AI tools like Stable Diffusion are great because they enable users with no design skills to create cool fictional characters.

One of the best things about text-to-image AI tools like Stable Diffusion is that they enable users with no design skills to create cool fictional characters. You might be wondering why this is important. If you produce any type of online content, you can make it better with fictional characters.

Let's say that you have your own blog where you talk about financial literacy. Even if you're an extraordinary writer, most people won't retain more than 10% of what you've written after they read it. One of the ways to boost the retention level is by introducing characters in your content.

You can describe a character in one or two sentences and the AI model will generate an image of it. You can use these characters to make important points in your content. On top of that, your content will become more fun to read if there are funny characters featured in it.

You can also use the characters you made in Stable Diffusion to promote your brand or small business. There are many ways to incorporate an animated character into your professional endeavors. Today, I'm going to show you how to write prompts for characters.

stable diffusion character prompts

How to Write Stable Diffusion Prompts for Characters

Before we start going through various prompt examples that I wrote and prepared for today's article, I want to take a minute or two to talk about how to actually write good prompts for characters.

Since you're creating a fictional character, there are some things that you want to consider. For instance, what should the character look like, what's its backstory, what type of environment is it in, and so on. To make it easier for you to understand the process, I'll divide it into a few easy steps.

  1. The first step is to imagine the characters you want to create. Think about what type of clothes they wear, their facial expressions, and any other features you deem important.
  2. The second step is to imagine the environment the characters are in. Also try to think about how the environment impacts the character's mood.
  3. Consider mentioning a specific art style in your prompts. The art style will dictate the aesthetic features of the image and can play a part in helping you tell stories through your fictional characters.
  4. Think about the backstory of your characters. Doing this can help you write good prompts because it'll help you get to know your characters better.

I previously wrote an article on how to write Midjourney prompts for characters. If you want to see some of my Midjourney prompts examples for characters, I suggest that you check out the article I mentioned. I honestly love both Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. They're both AI tools that can produce incredible results. Let's check out what type of characters you can make in Stable Diffusion.

15 Stable Diffusion Prompt Examples for Characters

I know I wrote a short step-by-step guide on how to write these prompts in the previous section of the article, but you don't need to strictly adhere to it. I wrote it to make it easier for you to identify the components that should be in a prompt. However, it's sometimes a good idea to abandon any conventional way of thinking when writing prompts and just use your imagination.

prompt #1: exhausted 3D animated octopus with a bow tie and multiple cups of coffee on a cluttered desk, juggling various tasks and documents with its tentacles, portraying the challenges of a multitasking office worker, comedy film, cartoon, cute, simple

3d octopus character stable diffusion

This is an absolutely hilarious cartoon character. I had initially encountered a problem with this prompt because it kept creating a realistic octopus that didn't fit with the environment. I decided to attach keywords like 'comedy film, cartoon, cute, simple' to the end of the prompt, and it started to generate much better results. Just wanted to mention this to show you that keywords can have a huge impact on the generated result.

prompt #2: cartoon character, sleek, 3D animated, anthropomorphic peacock wearing a tuxedo and strutting confidently down the red carpet at a glamorous Hollywood awards ceremony, camera flashes going off

peacock cartoon character stable diffusion prompt

Well, this is a stunning peacock. I prefer 3D animated characters over 2D designs when I'm making images in Stable Diffusion. The same goes for Midjourney as well. I feel like these text-to-image models do a much better job when they're making a 3D design.

prompt #3: character design, 3D animated, evil genius anthropomorphic parrot hatching its diabolical plan in a high-tech underground lair, surrounded by monitors displaying world domination schemes, while it cackles menacingly

evil genius parrot stable diffusion

This image looks really interesting. In the beginning, I wasn't too fond of how this parrot was designed. But as I kept looking at it more, I found the character to be great. The parrot is so out of place here that it gives the image a nice comical tone.

prompt #4: 1950s-style, 3D animated, anthropomorphic fox crooning with a golden microphone on a neon-lit stage, backed by a dazzling band and a crowd of adoring fans in a nostalgic pop concert

3d animated fox stable diffusion prompt

That's one stylish fox. I was very impressed when I saw this image. The character looks like a rock star. The only thing that I didn't get to see here is a golden microphone. But I can't keep my expectations too high because these AI models aren't perfect.

prompt #5: character design, 3D animated, clumsy robot librarian struggling to organize books in a futuristic library filled with floating, holographic books, humorous sci-fi scene

3d robot character stable diffusion prompt

Sometimes I imagine a certain scene and then describe it in a concise manner, but the AI model generates it differently than how I saw it in my mind. However, the design is so good that I decided to use the image even though it's not completely tied to the prompt. I expected a way more chaotic scene when I wrote this prompt, but this is a great image regardless.

prompt #6: cartoon character, animated comedy film, 3D animated, villainous octopus with an underwater lair, surrounded by sunken ships and treasure chests, concocting an elaborate plan to seize control of the ocean

underwater octopus animated character stable diffusion

Yes, the octopus I created with the first prompt in this article left such a good impression on me that I wanted to create another one. These animals are insanely smart. If you haven't watched the documentary film My Octopus Teacher, I suggest that you do it as soon as possible.

prompt #7: 1950s-style, 3D animated, anthropomorphic squirrel rock band electrifying a retro diner stage with a lively performance, complete with a jukebox and neon signs

squirrel rock band 3d characters stable diffusion

When I wrote this prompt, I knew that the chances of making several different characters in a single image were very slim. Yet I still decided to take a few minutes of my time and attempt to make a great image out of this prompt. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this image, which featured 5 anthropomorphic squirrels. You don't often get a result this great when you're creating multiple characters in a single image.

prompt #8: 3D animated, misunderstood robot inventor with eccentric gadgets, navigating the streets of a bustling, futuristic city, inadvertently causing chaotic, hilarious mishaps

3d animated robot character stable diffusion

There is something about this robot that evokes a sense of sympathy. I think the AI model absolutely nailed the facial expression here. The robot looks misunderstood, sad, and anxious. It's amazing how a particular image can make you instantly connect with a fictional character.

prompt #9: baby penguin, 3D animated, adorably trying to take its first wobbly steps on an icy Antarctic landscape, with a watchful penguin parent nearby

baby penguin 3d character stable diffusion prompt

I feel like this is a scene that could be placed at the beginning of an animated film. It can be a scene where the main character is seen taking first steps. I find it fun to imagine how each image I make with characters in it could be used in a TV show, video game, or movie.

prompt #10: 3D animated, high-tech panda chef running a futuristic sushi restaurant with robotic sous chefs and sushi-making contraptions, resulting in a sushi-making spectacle

panda chef 3d character in stable diffusion

I have to say that the interior design here looks incredible. The panda is also much cuter than I would expect. I wanted to see some cool gadgets being used by a high-tech panda, but this is the best result I got from numerous images I generated with this prompt.

prompt #11: 3D animated, music-loving meerkat leading an impromptu desert dance party with fellow meerkats, mirages, and sand dunes in the backdrop

dancing meerkats stable diffusion prompt

This is a really funny image. There is something so cute about these meerkats dancing that immediately put me in a good mood when I saw it. The one in the front has an infectious smile.

prompt #12: 3D animated, scholarly sloth professor delivering a lecture on the "Art of Napping" to a classroom of eager animal students in a tranquil, forest setting

3d animated sloth professor stable diffusion

It seems like the lecture is working because the students are all sleeping. And it looks like it's about time that the professor takes a nap too. After all, the professor is an expert on this topic.

prompt #13: 3D animated, mischievous squirrel magician conjuring and performing comical tricks in a charming woodland theater for an audience of animal spectators

3d squirrel magician stable diffusion

Although I wrote that the squirrel was performing tricks for an audience of animal spectators, I didn't want to see them in the image. I'm merely describing what the main characters are doing. If there were more characters in the image, it would increase the likelihood of something weird being included in the image. And that would make the image unusable.

prompt #14: 2D cartoon illustration of a friendly dragon working as a firefighter, extinguishing fires in a comical, fantasy-themed cityscape

2d dragon character stable diffusion prompt

I previously said that I find 3D characters made in Stable Diffusion much better than 2D ones. Even though that's usually the case, I still try my best to make 2D characters as well. This one is particularly great. I love that the dragon's tail is on fire even though the mythical beast works as a firefighter.

prompt #15: 3D animated, space-faring penguin pirate crew embarking on a comical cosmic adventure filled with interstellar treasure hunts

3d animated penguins stable diffusion

To me, this looks like a scene that was taken straight out of a film from a reputable animation studio. These characters are incredibly funny and I would love to see them come to life. I feel like there is a lot of potential to create something incredible from this image.

Final Thoughts

I created 15 different characters in Stable Diffusion to show you how this AI-powered tool can help you create stunning images even if you don't have any design skills. The only thing you'll need to know is how to express your concepts and ideas in a concise way.

Remember, one thing you shouldn't do when using generative AI models is make your prompts too long. This might lead to confusion. Instead, you should always think about how to write your prompts in the most concise way possible without omitting any details you want to see in the generated images.

It's up to you to decide how you're going to use the characters you create. But let me just say that if you make any type of online content, it'll be much more interesting when you introduce some fictional characters in it that people can relate to.

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