Stable Diffusion Prompts for Fantasy Images (17 Examples)

In this guide, I'll share a bunch of prompts I came up with to create stunning fantasy characters and landscapes using Stable Diffusion XL.

Publicly available AI tools have enabled users to see what it's like to use natural language as input when interacting with software. Imagine telling someone even a decade ago that soon they'd be able to describe something they've imagined in their mind and a computer program would create the image of what they imagined in less than a minute.

It's interesting to see exactly how far we've come with AI technology, and we still have a really long way to go. I often say that these AI tools we have available today are the closest thing to magic. And speaking of magic, today I want you to journey with me into a fantasy realm where monsters, spells, and surreal landscapes exist.

In this guide, I'll share a bunch of prompts I came up with to create stunning fantasy characters and landscapes using Stable Diffusion XL. I do want to note that I've made some great fantasy images in Midjourney too. I have a whole article dedicated to Midjourney prompts for fantasy images. If you like both Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, I suggest you check out the aforementioned article.

stable diffusion prompts for fantasy

How to Write Stable Diffusion Prompts for Fantasy Images

I'm lucky that I spent a good portion of my childhood playing RPG video games set in fantasy worlds. This has provided me with the vocabulary needed to write excellent prompts for fantasy images.

If you aren't too familiar with the words commonly used in the fantasy genre, I suggest that you do some research before you start writing prompts. I'm not saying you have to do this, but it will improve the quality of the images generated from your prompts.

There is no concrete framework that I could share with you when it comes to writing prompts like this. That's because it basically all comes down to individual creativity in the end. Although there is no right or wrong way to write prompts, my examples will show you how to consistently get good and unique results.

One thing I will note is that there is a preset 'Fantasy' style available in Stable Diffusion XL. It's recommended that you use it when you're creating fantasy-themed images. I will be using this style for all of the prompts you see in this article.

17 Stable Diffusion Prompt Examples for Fantasy Images

I have decided to divide this article into two different categories. This is exactly how I structured my article on Midjourney prompts for fantasy images. The first category will revolve solely around fantasy characters. The other category will be all about fantasy landscapes.

I feel like people are more interested in fantasy characters than landscapes. That's why I'll do 10 prompts for characters, and 7 prompts for landscapes.

10 Stable Diffusion Prompt Examples for Fantasy Characters

I will be using the 4:5 aspect ratio available in Stable Diffusion XL in my prompts for fantasy characters. Let's check out the examples I wrote and prepared for you today.

prompt #1: fantasy character, time-traveling mage, with a pocket watch that can manipulate time

fantasy character mage stable diffusion prompt

One thing I have noticed while using both Midjourney and Stable Diffusion XL is that the latter doesn't do such a great job at generating hands. This might change in the future, but at the time of writing this article it's the reality. Still, you'll probably use images like this as concept art. In other words, the finished product can look different, with all the errors made by the AI model corrected by humans.

Now, let's talk about the overall image. The background goes well with the theme. The pocket watch looks kind of like an orb, and that's pretty good if you ask me. There is also a belt buckle that resembles a clock, which I thought was a really fun detail.

prompt #2: fantasy character, honorable samurai with a katana, dedicated to upholding the code of bushido, fights against corruption and injustice in a feudal, war-torn land

fantasy character samurai stable diffusion prompt

This prompt might have included more details than needed, but I like to thoroughly imagine a character and write down a short summary. I find the color of the blade here really fascinating. It has sort of an ethereal glow that reminds me of older RPG video games.

prompt #3: fantasy character, elemental shaman, with the ability to command the raw forces of nature, summons storms and quakes

fantasy character shaman stable diffusion prompt

One of the challenges that I faced while writing this article was that most characters would look human even when I instructed the AI model not to make fantasy creatures. As soon as I saw this result, I immediately knew that I had to use it. It's a human-like creature but has interesting features. I love the combination of colors in this image.

prompt #4: fantasy character, enigmatic rogue with a silver mask concealing their identity, master of stealth and disguise

fantasy character rogue stable diffusion prompt

This result reminds of the images that were used in the first Baldur's Gate for playable characters. They share a similar aesthetic. Of course, the one I made today is more polished. This is expected since the original Baldur's Gate video game was released a long time ago.

prompt #5: fantasy character, astral wanderer, able to project their consciousness into the celestial realms, gaining insight and power from the stars and galaxies

fantasy character wanderer stable diffusion prompt

Creating a short backstory for a character is a great way to place important keywords in your prompts. In this case, it allowed me to use keywords like 'stars' and 'galaxies', which helped paint this wonderful background.

prompt #6: fantasy character, enchanted blacksmith, their forge fueled by enchanted flames, crafting weapons and armor imbued with elemental power

blacksmith fantasy character stable diffusion prompt

This spirit that is overlooking what the blacksmith is doing is very cute. You never know what to expect when you press that 'Generate' button. In some cases, you'll be in for an amazing surprise. Imagine if a blacksmith had the power to control fire with their hands. I bet the weapons they'd make would be among the best in the world.

prompt #7: fantasy character, shadowy assassin, clad in dark, enchanted armor, moves through the night like a whisper

assassin blacksmith fantasy character stable diffusion prompt

When you think of an assassin, you most likely think of a scene that is set during the nighttime. Assassins want to be unnoticed, so they usually roam around when it's dark outside. The moon in the background adds a nice touch to the overall image, since it goes well with the assassin theme.

prompt #8: fantasy character, master alchemist, brewing elixirs and concocting potions of untold power

alchemist blacksmith fantasy character stable diffusion prompt

You can make great images with simple prompts. Sometimes, there is no need to go into detail. You just describe the focal point of the image, and let the AI do the rest. This strategy usually requires you to generate more images though, since the increased randomization factor makes it more difficult to find the perfect result.

prompt #9: fantasy character, nomadic sand sorcerer, able to manipulate the desert's shifting dunes, conjuring sandstorms and revealing hidden oases

sorcerer blacksmith fantasy character stable diffusion prompt

When I first saw this image, it reminded me of Diablo 2. Although this is not a character you see in the game, the aesthetic here feels oddly familiar. It reminds me of the Lut Gholein map, which features a desert setting.

prompt #10: fantasy character, ice mage, commands the frigid winds and frosty spells, turning foes to statues of ice and creating intricate ice sculptures

ice mage fantasy character wanderer stable diffusion prompt

I played so many RPGs when I was a kid that I became convinced you could learn how to cast magic spells in the real world. Since that didn't work out, I had to find other things to do. Nowadays, most people think that I do magic when I make images like this from words.

7 Stable Diffusion Prompt Examples for Fantasy Landscapes

It's now time to change the aspect ratio. I'll use the 16:9 aspect ratio option available in Stable Diffusion XL to create fantasy landscapes.

prompt #11: scene set in a fantasy world, enchanted library hidden in a timeless pocket dimension, where ancient tomes and sentient books impart knowledge and wisdom

fantasy landscape stable diffusion prompt example 1

I thought that it would be fun to see how AI imagined sentient books. Sometimes, I get so caught up in my imagination that I don't realize I'm asking for too much from the AI model. You can't expect artificial intelligence to create every single detail you mention in your prompts. That's why you should be happy when it produces a great image that even loosely resembles what you described in your prompt.

prompt #12: scene set in a fantasy world, mystical bazaar in a bustling desert city, where exotic goods, potions, and creatures from distant realms are bought and sold

fantasy landscape stable diffusion prompt example 2

If a market like this were to exist in the real world, I'd be constantly finding new ways to make money so that I could own every potion and creature possible. Maybe when virtual reality becomes better and more popular, I can have an experience like that.

prompt #13: scene set in a fantasy world, dragon's lair within a volcanic cave, where piles of gold and precious gems surround the slumbering behemoth

fantasy landscape stable diffusion prompt example 3

In my article about Midjourney fantasy-themed prompts, I started every prompt for landscape images with the phrase 'scene set in a fantasy world'. I feel like this is a good strategy to provide clear instructions to the AI model as to what you want to create. I also think that this should be done even if you're using the 'Fantasy Art' preset style.

Even though I set out to create an image of a dragon's lair, I still didn't think an actual dragon would be featured in the image. I expected to see a treasure. Instead, I got this ferocious beast that's absolutely beautiful.

prompt #14: scene set in a fantasy world, frozen wilderness covered in ice and snow, where the northern lights paint the night sky with dancing colors

fantasy landscape stable diffusion prompt example 4

I made variations of this scene in a bunch of my previous articles. There's even a variation of it in my article on Stable Diffusion prompts for anime. The reason why I've used the same concept a number of times is because a real-life image of something like this has stuck in my head since I went to Iceland several years ago. Seeing the combination of a winter wonderland and the northern lights in the sky made a lasting impact on me.

prompt #15: scene set in a fantasy world, hidden underground city carved into a massive, luminescent crystal cavern, where residents traverse on shimmering crystal pathways

fantasy landscape stable diffusion prompt example 5

Once again, I'm aware that I've asked too much from the AI model here. Or at least, I imagined it differently than how artificial intelligence created this image. Either way, I'm still happy with this result. I expected to see more luminescent crystals in the image, but they are still featured on the left side. Overall, this is a stunning design.

prompt #16: scene set in a fantasy world, overgrown bioluminescent jungle where giant fireflies serve as guides and colossal flowers open only for chosen travelers

fantasy landscape stable diffusion prompt example 6

This is the type of image that I would print and frame on my wall. There is something so magical about this scene. The bioluminescent insects add a nice touch. The sky also features a blend of multiple colors that enhance the overall aesthetic. I could spend an hour just looking at this image.

prompt #17: scene set in a fantasy world, cosmic observatory atop an ancient, floating asteroid, where celestial scholars record the movements of the stars and planets

fantasy landscape stable diffusion prompt example 7

This is the final image that will be featured in this article. It's the best result I got from this particular prompt. The concept of a floating observatory is really good, and I like that there are so many planets close to this fantasy world. It makes for fascinating concept art.

Final Thoughts

I frequently get asked whether Stable Diffusion or Midjourney is better for AI-generated images. Although I understand people who may not want to spend money to subscribe to both services, I must say that I honestly can't give you a straight answer. There are notable differences in the results produced by these two AI models.

I'm not saying that the differences weigh in favor of one of the other text-to-image tools. I'm simply saying that the style and overall aesthetic that are produced by these models is different. You can see this for yourself by going through all of the images in this article and then checking out all of the fantasy pics I made with Midjourney in the article I linked in the prompt examples section.

I believe that it's up to users to decide which tool they're going to use. Thankfully, you'll know what to expect from both Stable Diffusion and Midjourney by going through the countless articles I have on this website.

As for the fantasy images I created today, the biggest takeaway truly is to take some time to either learn or remind yourself of the popular terms used in the fantasy genre. Doing this will help you write better prompts and get overall better results.

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