Stable Diffusion Prompts for Architecture (15 Prompt Examples)

Stable Diffusion XL is a generative AI model that does an excellent job of creating architecture designs.

Stable Diffusion XL is a generative AI model that does an excellent job of creating architecture designs. These designs are so good that I often see people being confused on the internet about whether certain AI-generated images are real or not.

Many accounts have started to boost their engagement on social media by posting AI-generated images of buildings that look real but actually don't exist.

This is a trend that's becoming bigger by the day. You can usually tell that it's an AI-generated image by looking closely at it and seeing whether some features seem off. But the technology has gotten so good that even people who've been using text-to-image models for a while sometimes can't tell the difference.

What usually makes me suspicious about images like this that serve only as engagement bait is that they're simply too good to be true. I feel like if those buildings did exist, most people would already be aware of them.

That's not to say that you can use architecture designs made in Stable Diffusion only for engagement bait. I believe that if you're an architect, you can boost your creativity and think outside of the box by experimenting with generative AI models.

stable diffusion prompts for architecture

How to Write Stable Diffusion Prompts for Architecture

If you've never used AI tools like Stable Diffusion or Midjourney, you'll be surprised at how good they are. They can create stunning images from a relatively modest description. I like to keep my prompts under 60 words, and include only details I deem to be very important.

I recommend that you don't make your prompts too complicated, as that might lead to questionable results. Instead, it's best to focus on saying as much as you can in as few words as possible.

The great thing about Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 is that it features a style known as '3D Model', which I suggest you use when you're writing prompts for architecture. I used this style for every single prompt you'll see in this article.

selecting 3d model style stable diffusion

I use the Clipdrop platform developed by Stability AI to get access to Stable Diffusion XL. To activate the '3D Model', you simply click on the settings button. It will automatically open the 'Styles' tab, and you'll see the '3D Model' style in the third row. All you have to do is press the button, and it will be automatically enabled for all future generations until you decide to change it.

If you'd like to explore the idea of creating architecture designs in Stable Diffusion, I recommend that you find a glossary and read up on some terms that are frequently used in this field. This will help you create better designs.

15 Stable Diffusion Prompts for Architecture

I believe that if you're an AI artist, you should experiment with making a lot of different types of designs with generative AI tools. Although I don't claim to be an AI artist, I have found that using tools like Stable Diffusion helped boost my creativity. That's why you'll see many different types of prompts on this website.

This is not the first time I've publicly shared architecture designs that I created with the help of artificial intelligence. I also have an article in which I shared my Midjourney prompts for architecture. You can check out that piece if you're looking for more inspiration for your prompts.

But today, I'm here to talk about how you can make stunning designs in Stable Diffusion, so let's get to it.

prompt #1: desert oasis resort with modern architecture, including sleek, climate-controlled domes for accommodations

stable diffusion architecture prompt 1

Remember when I mentioned at the beginning of this article that some people get fooled by AI-generated images of buildings on social media? This is the type of image I had in mind when I wrote that.

I often see a big account on social media posting some fictional result that looks incredible and they don't specify it was created with artificial intelligence. People see that the buildings are stunning, so they naturally are in awe and try searching for the building online only to see that it doesn't exist.

If there was a resort that looked exactly like this in the middle of the desert, I'd be the first person to go there. These domes look amazing.

prompt #2: high-tech mountain retreat, featuring minimalist design, energy-efficient construction, and panoramic windows overlooking rugged mountain landscapes

stable diffusion architecture prompt 2

Although this isn't exactly what I had in mind when I wrote 'high-tech mountain retreat', I still find the image beautiful. You have to be either realistic with your prompts or be more specific. In this case, the keyword I used wasn't enough for the AI model to pick up exactly what I wanted to create. But that doesn't matter too much because it still features a minimalist design, features a mountainous landscape, and overall looks great.

prompt #3: 3D building model of an advanced science and technology center, dedicated to cutting-edge research

stable diffusion architecture prompt 3

In this prompt example, I didn't want to mention any specific features that the building should have. Instead, I wanted to simply describe to the model what the building should be for and let it randomize the result. The result is wonderful, in my opinion. It looks like a building that would exist in the real world.

prompt #4: exterior of a contemporary mountain chalet, combining minimalist aesthetics with cozy interiors, and sustainable elements to blend modern living with mountain serenity

stable diffusion architecture prompt 4

Honestly, after seeing that one image with a mountainous landscape I knew I had to make another one. This time, I imagined something a bit different. I wanted the design to feel cozy. I also wanted it to look like it was constructed from sustainable materials. This is the result I got. I'll let you judge how it turned out.

prompt #5: contemporary coastal resort, featuring eco-friendly architecture, water sports facilities, and numerous dining options

stable diffusion architecture prompt 5

Ooh la la, this looks absolutely spectacular. I'm personally the type of person who prefers to go on vacation in colder regions, but I could never say no to a resort like this. I included a bunch of keywords in the prompt that give this building the aesthetic it has.

prompt #6: exterior design, architectural concept for a biomimetic science center, where the design mimics natural patterns and shapes

stable diffusion architecture prompt 6

The only thing I don't like about this image is that the people that were generated don't look real. You can immediately tell that this is an AI-generated image. Nevertheless, the design of the building itself is gorgeous. If you're an architect working on a unique concept for a building, it's always a good idea to bounce ideas off AI models like Stable Diffusion XL.

prompt #7: exterior of a contemporary pyramid with a glass exterior and high-tech interiors, serving as a symbol of modernity, luxury, and architectural innovation

stable diffusion architecture prompt 7

Sometimes when you're using the '3D Model' style and describe a building in your prompt, it will generate the interior of it. If this happens, the easiest way to get the results you want is to mention in your prompt that you want to see the exterior of the building. I would personally love to live in a pyramid-shaped home. This looks fantastic.

prompt #8: retro-futuristic design, a building inspired by the mid-20th century's vision of the future, featuring streamlined curves, chrome accents, and rocket-like elements

stable diffusion architecture prompt 8

This is an interesting concept. I love the fact that the AI model included a retro vehicle in the image too. Sometimes, it's the small details that the AI model will include that make you appreciate how good this type of technology is. The vehicle is what made this image stand out for me from the 20 designs I looked through.

prompt #9: exterior of a crystalline palace with transparent, prismatic walls, illuminated from within, creating a mesmerizing, otherworldly atmosphere

stable diffusion architecture prompt 9

I feel like this is an image that would be difficult to tell if it's generated by AI at first glance. If a friend showed me this picture and told me it's a famous building in a certain country, I'd likely believe them. It pays off to think outside of the box when you're writing prompts for architecture because you might get results like the one above.

prompt #10: elemental-themed retreat center, incorporating earthy materials, flowing water features, and open-air architecture, allowing guests to reconnect with nature

stable diffusion architecture prompt 10

In this age of rapid technological advancements, it's important to reconnect with nature. Even if you don't like camping or similar activities, you can still go to a retreat like this and enjoy the nature around you. Although this is a fictional place, retreats similar to this one exist.

prompt #11: cutting-edge Mars base outpost with lunar regolith-colored exterior, solar panels, and futuristic pod-like structures

stable diffusion architecture prompt 11

This is a design concept that's completely out there. But I would like to think that in the next few centuries, there will be a small population of humans on Mars. So, I wanted to imagine what an outpost on Mars would look like. It's not a very original idea since pod-like structures have been popular for a while, but I still find this result impressive. It almost looks photorealistic.

prompt #12: ocean liner-inspired building with art deco architecture, porthole windows, and a maritime-themed facade

stable diffusion architecture prompt 12

Art Deco architecture is awesome to me, I don't know why it's not as popular as it once was. If I had a hotel, it would look something like this. The maritime theme works so well with hospitality architecture. The only thing I don't like about this image is that there are random letters featured on the building. But that can easily be edited if need be.

prompt #13: exotic resort with vibrant, thatched-roof bungalows, lush palm trees, and a central lagoon for a paradise-like escape

stable diffusion architecture prompt 13

As you can see, I generally like to keep my prompts somewhat short. I describe at least a few objects I want featured in an image and that's it. This framework works incredibly well and enables me to produce consistent results.

prompt #14: repurposed industrial building converted into a vibrant art studio, preserving its raw, exposed-brick exterior

stable diffusion architecture prompt 14

This is how I picture art studios. I'm not sure why an image like this is stuck in my mind, I must have seen several examples of art studios looking like this. The exposed brick exterior is such a nice touch.

prompt #15: restored historical waterfront mill, transformed into a museum and cultural center

stable diffusion architecture prompt 15

It's important to preserve old buildings. I live in Europe, so I get to see a lot of buildings like this that were preserved and then transformed into a museum or something similar. I got inspired by the fact that there are so many preserved buildings where I live, so that's why I wrote this prompt.

Final Thoughts

I've tried to introduce as much variety as possible in this article. I used different settings, styles, and aesthetics to create these images. You can instantly tell that some of them were created by AI, especially if they contain any letters on them.

But I would like to believe that there are at least a few designs that would catch the average person off guard and make them think that these are real buildings.

How generated images turn out has a lot to do with your prompts. If you want to create something unrealistic, you shouldn't expect the results always to look like they're real buildings. But if you were to explain a normal property that you'd easily be able to see in the real world, the AI model will usually produce a result that makes it seem like an actual building.

I know that there are some AI artists who specialize in writing prompts like these. They have focused the majority of their time on making building designs, and I'm always impressed with what they create. I personally haven't focused on architecture design too much, but it's not too difficult to produce good results if you spend some time working on your prompts.

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