Stable Diffusion Prompts for Stickers (20 Prompt Examples)

Regardless of whether you plan on using them digitally or in the real world, you can create some amazing stickers in Stable Diffusion.

Stickers represent a fun way to communicate your mood, personality, or opinion to other people regardless of whether you use them digitally or in the real world. I personally don't use stickers in the real world too often. When I do, I put them on my laptop. However, I use stickers regularly on different messaging apps.

Although you can make these for fun, learning how to write good prompts for stickers can potentially help you generate profit. You can sell the designs you create to small businesses that may want to promote their brand with custom stickers. You can also try selling stickers that people can relate to through online stores.

I'm not here to tell you how to make money from these designs though. Instead, I'll just show you a simple framework that'll enable you to create amazing stickers in Stable Diffusion.

Before I start explaining how you should structure your prompts, I want to mention that I previously published an article in which I created similar designs in Midjourney. If you're interested in seeing what type of stickers you can make using the aforementioned text-to-image tool, I suggest that you check out my article on Midjourney prompts for stickers. It's filled with cool examples.

stable diffusion prompts for stickers

How to Write Stable Diffusion Prompts for Stickers

The first thing that I want to say is that you should use the default 1:1 aspect ratio when making sticker designs. This is the best way to ensure that the stickers feature the right proportions.

The whole process of writing prompts for stickers is quite easy. I've noticed that many overcomplicate their prompts thinking that they'll be able to produce better and more original results because of it. I would argue that you should work on simplifying your prompts instead. Figure out how you can say as much as possible in as few words as you can.

Here are a few things that are worth paying attention to when you're writing prompts for stickers:

  • The first thing that you should always do in your prompts is begin by providing a clear instruction to the AI model that you want the generated image to be a sticker design.
  • Describe the main character you want featured in the sticker.
  • Describe what the character is wearing, their personality, and so on.
  • Include any keywords that may make the sticker design feel more complete.
  • Trim any unnecessary information from your prompts to ensure the instructions you're providing to the AI model are clear.

I'm not saying that you must follow all of the aforementioned rules, but it's worth paying attention to the tips I provided. You should use them when you organically feel like they would make the design better. Also, you should follow these tips if you're still new to generative AI models and want to produce consistent results.

20 Stable Diffusion Prompt Examples for Stickers

I have written 20 prompts for today's article. Actually, I've written many more, but I decided to include the 20 sticker designs I like the most. You can check them out below.

prompt #1: sticker design, mischievous pirate cat searching for buried treasure on a deserted island, pirate adventure, map, treasure chest

stable diffusion pirate cat sticker prompt

Let's start with this cute pirate cat. As soon as I saw this sticker design, it instantly made me smile. If your friends or family members often playfully tell you that you're a mischievous person, you should consider putting a sticker like this on your car, laptop, or any other item you want. This would also be a cool sticker to use digitally to symbolize a search for riches.

prompt #2: sticker design, a diligent scientist squirrel conducting experiments in a treehouse laboratory

scientist squirrel sticker stable diffusion prompt

Nearly all of the stickers I use feature animal characters. It's always fun to use anthropomorphic animal characters to tell a certain story or share how you're feeling at a particular time. I feel like this sticker design would also be a great promotional product for a pharmaceutical company. Attaching a brand name or logo to this design can be a great marketing move.

prompt #3: sticker design, mischievous leprechaun juggling pots of gold, rainbows in the background, St. Patrick's Day theme, cheeky

leprechaun sticker stable diffusion prompt

St. Patrick's Day is one of the best holidays that exist because everybody is cheerful and ready to party. It's a holiday that's mostly celebrated by people who are in their 20s and 30s and have the energy to endlessly drink pints of beer until the morning. The celebration is on another level if you go to Dublin on this holiday. If you want to share your excitement about St. Patrick's Day, you can create a sticker like this in Stable Diffusion.

prompt #4: sticker design, heroic firefighter extinguishing a blazing fire, bravery, rescue, emergency

stable diffusion sticker prompt example

Stickers can be used to symbolize a certain profession. If you're a firefighter, you may find it interesting to create a design like this. Although I mentioned in my prompt that the person is extinguishing a blazing fire, there is only a limited amount of space that can be featured in a design. When I saw this sticker, I realized that it's much better to have a close-up shot of the firefighter instead of the scene I imagined. Thankfully, the AI model created a design like that.

prompt #5: sticker design, determined mountain climber scaling a treacherous peak, adventure, achievement, rocky terrain

mounter climber sticker stable diffusion

This is the perfect sticker design if you're an adventurous person. You never know what type of conversations you can strike up if you put this sticker on your car or backpack. You might meet a hiking buddy with whom you'll reach new heights. On top of that, I feel like this can be a great promotional sticker design for a company that sells either winter apparel or energy drinks.

prompt #6: sticker design, whimsical anthropomorphic owl peeking through a telescope, wearing a space helmet, exploring the cosmos, 2D flat design, curious

owl sticker design stable diffusion prompt

This owl is incredibly cute. I also like the background, which features a combination of stars, planets, trees, and mountains. I find astronomy to be really interesting, so this type of design definitely speaks to me.

prompt #7: sticker design, graceful ballerina performing a delicate ballet in a moonlit lake, ballet, elegance, ethereal

ballerina sticker stable diffusion prompt example

You don't have to be a ballet dancer to use a sticker like this. This type of design can also symbolize peace, tranquility, and elegance. This is one of the best designs that I created for this article.

prompt #8: sticker design, comical yet suave penguin in a tuxedo, striking a pose on an iceberg runway, dapper, chic, modeling

penguin sticker prompt stable diffusion

While the previous sticker design celebrates female elegance, this one is for men who want to express their dapper style. I feel like this would be a perfect sticker to use digitally when you want to send a message that you're ready for an event.

prompt #9: sticker design, regal lion king seated on a throne with a crown and scepter, surrounded by loyal subjects, royal, majestic

king lion sticker prompt stable diffusion

Once again, I made a tiny error in this prompt by mentioning that the lion should be surrounded by loyal subjects. In hindsight, I realized that it's much better for a sticker design to focus on a single character. And I have to say that the imagery featured in this design is absolutely spectacular.

prompt #10: sticker design, graceful swan in a serene pond, surrounded by delicate water lilies, elegance, tranquility, serene

swan sticker stable diffusion prompt

I feel like this sticker should be in a pack together with the one that featured that ballerina. Both designs showcase an impressive level of elegance. It's important to use keywords in your prompts that further explain what type of image you want to see created.

prompt #11: sticker design, a whimsical dragon in the clouds, blowing puffs of colorful smoke and shapes, fantasy, sky, playful

dragon sticker prompt stable diffusion

People who are fans of fantasy books, movies, games, and TV shows will likely appreciate this sticker design. Although I only noted that the smoke should be colorful, you can mention any specific colors you want to see used in the image.

prompt #12: sticker design, endearing penguin couple sharing a heart-shaped fish, love, affectionate, icy landscape

penguin couple kiss sticker stable diffusion

If you haven't noticed by now, I really like penguins. They're adorable and represent great characters that you can use in a variety of AI-generated designs. This time, I wanted a penguin couple featured in the design. This is the perfect sticker to use if you're in love and/or recently got engaged/married.

prompt #13: sticker design, a playful lemur disco-dancing under a mirror ball, nightlife, groove, disco fever

lemur sticker prompt stable diffusion

Are you an outgoing person who likes to party? If so, this can be the perfect sticker for you. This lemur is charming and is ready to party all the time. Using this sticker is a great way to let people know about your personality.

prompt #14: sticker design, confident superhero squirrel soaring through the city skyline, superhero, dynamic, fearless

superhero squirrel prompt stable diffusion

This is such a cute squirrel character. The eyes are adorable. The cape seems a bit off, but that's okay. I chose to include a city skyline in the background, but you can really choose anything you want. There doesn't even have to be a background in the image.

prompt #15: sticker design, a wise old owl reading books in a cozy library filled with enchanted tomes, knowledge, wisdom, cozy

wise owl sticker prompt example stable diffusion

If you're an introspective person who likes to read and absorb knowledge, you're surely going to like this sticker. The level of detail featured on this owl character is amazing. I also like the background that contains shelves filled with books.

prompt #16: sticker design, a charismatic fox in a detective's coat and hat solving a forest mystery, detective fox, clever, investigation

fox sticker prompt stable diffusion

I feel like this fox could be a character in an illustrated book or something similar. The character has a lot of style and you can tell that he is clever. I want to reiterate that it's often a good idea to use anthropomorphic characters in your sticker designs.

prompt #17: sticker design, an enthusiastic marathon runner racing through diverse landscapes, running adventure, endurance, landscapes

marathon runner sticker stable diffusion

When I was younger, one of my goals was to run a marathon. I used to be really active and trained at least once a day. I then hit a period where I wasn't physically active for a few years and now I'm trying to regain my strength and endurance. I might use this sticker for inspiration to continue training.

prompt #18: sticker design, a whimsical unicorn prancing through a field of blooming flowers and rainbows, unicorn, fantasy, vibrant

unicorn sticker stable diffusion prompt

In case you have a young daughter, you might want to consider creating sticker designs like this, printing them out, and then giving them to your daughter. She will surely enjoy them because they're visually appealing and colorful.

prompt #19: sticker design, sticker, a curious explorer bunny uncovering hidden treasures in an ancient temple, adventure, bunny, archaeological

bunny sticker prompt stable diffusion

There is something really cute about this bunny. It might be the slight smile, the big eyes, or even both. I really like the theme here, and the background which is the entrance to an old temple is absolutely perfect. The attire the bunny is wearing is also quite impressive.

prompt #20: sticker design, a jovial pirate parrot with a hook hand and eyepatch, pirate bird

pirate parrot sticker prompt stable diffusion

Seeing this parrot made me laugh. It's a really good character. Usually, pirates are depicted as having parrots as pets. But what if the parrot actually became a pirate? This is definitely not an original idea, but it nevertheless inspired me to write this prompt and generate an image of this cute character.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of designs that you can create in Stable Diffusion XL. I know some people who focus mainly on making digital art. Others put most of their time and energy into learning how to create the best logos possible. There are also probably some who mostly focus on making stickers.

Regardless of whether you plan on using them digitally or in the real world, you can create some amazing stickers in Stable Diffusion.

The best part about it is that the prompts for these types of designs shouldn't be complicated at all. That's because a sticker design usually doesn't include too many details. Instead, it focuses on one main character.

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