Midjourney Prompts for Stickers (15 Prompt Examples)

Midjourney can take a simple text prompt and transform it into a beautiful sticker. If you own a business, you can greatly benefit from this.

Stickers are often used both in real life and online. You can spread awareness of a product or brand with physical and digital stickers.

Most small businesses don't use stickers as often as they should, usually because it would involve hiring a designer and spending money on a limited budget. But what if there was an incredibly affordable high-quality alternative?

Midjourney can take a simple text prompt and transform it into a beautiful sticker. If you have your own business, you can greatly benefit from this.

You can give stickers to clients so they can put them on their cars, laptops, etc. You can also use these stickers in apps like Telegram as a fun way to interact with people.

On the other hand, you can make a lot of money from your sticker prompts and designs as an AI artist. I've talked about some strategies in my article on how to make money with Midjourney. When it comes to stickers, the best approach might be to use a platform where you can sell your prompts.

midjourney sticker prompts

How to Write Midjourney Prompts for Stickers

The process of writing Midjourney prompts for stickers is incredibly simple. However, you will have to keep a few things in mind when you're writing these prompts to ensure the output quality is on a high level.

Here's what I usually pay attention to when I'm writing prompts for stickers:

  1. The most important thing is to clearly instruct the AI model to create a sticker design. This is as simple as adding a 'sticker design' keyword to the beginning of your prompt.
  2. Clearly describe the main subject or character in the sticker after starting your prompt with the appropriate keyword.
  3. Stickers should be visually appealing, so it's often a good idea to use the stylize parameter in your prompts.
  4. Keep the default aspect ratio for each prompt unless you're making sticker bundles.

Those are the only general rules I would follow when it comes to creating stickers in Midjourney. Everything else is only a matter of style and personal preference.

15 Midjourney Prompt Examples for Stickers

One thing you should keep in mind when you're creating images in Midjourney is that you can generate amazing results if you keep your prompts concise. This is especially the case with sticker designs.

There are images in which you should describe the scene you're creating in detail. But sticker designs should be simple, so there's no reason to make the prompts more complex than they should be.

With that being said, let's check out some of the stickers I made for this article.

/imagine sticker design, cute anthropomorphic wolf holding a magnifying glass in front of one eye and wearing an old English style detective hat, 2D flat design, simple

midjourney prompts for stickers wolf example

This one is insanely cute. What I wanted to show you with this prompt example is that if you have a brand mascot (or are working for a company with a brand mascot) you can just describe it in your prompt and make a cute sticker out of it. But this one is so good that I might end up using it digitally on a regular basis.

/imagine sticker design, cartoon character style, annoyed man in front of a laptop, comical

cartoon character style midjourney sticker prompt

We've all been there. Either you delete an important file or the laptop stops working when you need it the most. When you want to express a negative emotion in a design, it's often best to instruct the model to do it in a comical cartoon style.

/imagine sticker design, yellow duck with sunglasses chilling in the ocean, polished --s 250

midjourney prompt for duck sticker

This is the type of sticker that I would put on my car or laptop because it kind of describes what type of person I am. There's nothing I like more in life than kicking back and enjoying the moment.

/imagine sticker design, anthropomorphic fox drinking a fruit smoothie and winking with one eye, happy, smiling, 2D flat design --s 300

midjourney fox sticker prompt

Let's say that you open up a smoothie bar. What could you do to raise brand awareness from the start? One strategy would be to create a sticker like the one above and give a few of them out to every new customer.

/imagine sticker design, cunning anthropomorphic raccoon in a race car driving away from the camera, deceitful, cartoon aesthetic, funny --s 250

raccoon prompt for stickers midjourney example

This one is quite comical. If you love to drive fast, it can be a fun idea to put a sticker like this on your car. I wrote that the raccoon should be driving away from the camera in my prompt but maybe that wasn't the right idea. I'm glad that Midjourney generated this image instead.

/imagine sticker design, cartoon animation, 2D flat design, vector art, extremely happy rat holding a big block of cheese, victory pose --s 200

mouse and cheese midjourney sticker prompt example

Every victory should be celebrated. This is a sticker you can use digitally when you're happy or excited. You can also use it in the real world when there is a cause for celebration.

/imagine sticker design, young woman with red hair and a big smile holding a thumbs up, happy, excited

young woman thumbs up sticker prompt example

I can't even count how many times I had to send this prompt to get one result that features a proper thumb. It's no secret that one of the biggest Midjourney flaws is that it often doesn't do a great job of generating fingers. That's understandable though since fingers can be in so many different poses that it's hard for the AI model to learn how they should look.

/imagine sticker design, anthropomorphic chipmunk running as fast as possible, in a rush, running to make it on time, worried, anxious, comical

chipmunk sticker midjourney prompt result

This is a sticker that you can send when you're late to a meeting with friends and want to tell them that you're on your way and in a hurry. It can also be a great physical sticker that I'm sure your kids will love.

/imagine sticker design, anthropomorphic dolphin waving hello, cartoon style animation, 2D, polished --s 400

cartoon dolphin sticker midjourney prompt result

Okay, this one is beyond cute. I normally wouldn't put a stylization value this high when I'm making stickers in Midjourney. I say that because I tested different stylization ranges for every prompt in this article and they never turned out good until I saw this one.

It's often a good idea to experiment with different parameter values to see what will yield the best result.

/imagine sticker design, anthropomorphic hungry cougar sitting at a table with an empty plate in front of it, hungry, frustrated, angry

cougar sticker midjourney prompt example

One of the worst feelings is sitting at the table when you're hungry and waiting for food. You're frustrated and know that just one bite will help lift your mood.

Midjourney Prompts for Sticker Bundles

In this section of the article, I'm going to show you how you can make sticker bundles with a single prompt. While you should normally keep the default aspect ratio when you're making individual stickers in Midjourney, you can change it to whatever you want when you're creating bundles.

/imagine sticker bundle, different colored gemstones, colorful, shining --s 450

gemstones sticker bundle midjourney prompt

I wanted to start this section of the article with something simple to show you how you can make multiple stickers with a single prompt. When you create several stickers with one prompt, it's recommended that you use an upscaler to increase the dimensions of the generated image.

/imagine sticker bundle, anthropomorphic cartoon style fox who is a robber in different poses --s 250

cartoon fox sticker bundle in midjourney

One of the main advantages of making bundles with a single prompt is that you'll generate an image grid that may in total include more than a few dozen stickers. In other words, you may end up with several stickers that you want to use and it'll take only a minute for them to be generated.

/imagine sticker bundle, Halloween theme, skeletons, pumpkins, witches, bats, spiders, spider webs --s 200

halloween sticker bundle midjourney prompt example

I recently wrote an entire article about Midjourney prompts for Halloween. It got me inspired to create this sticker bundle.

While I was analyzing the previous prompts in this article, I noticed that from these experiments it seems that the ideal stylization value range for sticker designs is between 200-250. I'm not saying that's a fact, but the best results do seem to come when I use a value in this range.

/imagine sticker bundle, cute baby penguin in different poses, children's animation style, wholesome --s 250

baby penguin sticker bundle midjourney prompt

It's important to make something wholesome in Midjourney from time to time. It will increase your mood significantly. Just looking at these baby penguins makes me happy.

/imagine sticker bundle, anthropomorphic giraffe working a construction job, cartoon, comical --s 250

giraffe sticker bundle midjourney prompt results

I feel like if a giraffe could do a human job, it would probably want to be in construction. They can have an overview of the construction site better than any human. A few of the stickers in this bundle definitely look weird, but the great thing is that you can just pick the ones you like.

Final Thoughts

I personally use digital stickers a lot when I communicate with other people on messaging apps like Telegram. There's no doubt that I'll create a sticker pack when I make enough of them in Midjourney.

I know there are many people who don't use stickers for online communication, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't make them using an AI-powered tool like Midjourney. In fact, you can likely benefit from creating custom stickers.

If you have your own business, you can get your brand message across more easily by creating sticker designs that you can then use both in the physical and digital worlds.

AI artists should sharpen their sticker design prompting skills as well, as it might be a great way to make money on the side. The number of potential clients who would love to have a custom sticker bundle is quite big, and it's only going to get bigger over time.

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