Dall-E 3 Prompts for Logos (14 Prompt Examples)

What if you could create a great logo despite not having any design skills? With text-to-image models like Dall-E 3 that is a reality.

It's not easy to create a logo that's supposed to represent your brand for a long time. You need a very simple illustration that's going to be both memorable and visually appealing. If you want to make it yourself, you need outstanding design skills. On the other hand, hiring a designer to make one often involves going through many different iterations and you're not guaranteed to get what you're looking for even then.

But what if you could create a great logo despite not having any graphic design skills? With text-to-image models like Dall-E 3 that has become a reality. Today, you can write a simple text description using no more than 20 words and turn it into a stunning logo.

dalle prompts for logos

Midjourney vs Dall-E 3 for Logo Design

One of the most popular debates in the world of artificial intelligence is whether Dall-E 3 or Midjourney is the superior text-to-image model. I personally like them both and couldn't pick a favorite. I will say that Dall-E 3 is usually better when it comes to illustrations, but Midjourney produces superior photorealistic results.

When it comes to logo design, they're pretty much equal. You'll see 14 different logos that I created with Dall-E 3 later on in this article. You can also check out my article on Midjourney prompts for logos if you want to see what type of results that AI model produces.

Finally, I even have an article about Stable Diffusion prompts for logos. The best thing about Stable Diffusion is that you can run it locally on your PC.

How to Write Dall-E 3 Prompts for Logos

I usually make sure that my prompts are 140-180 characters long. I believe that length is perfect and provides the absolute best results. However, when it comes to prompts for logos, I make sure that they're shorter.

The more details you include in your prompts, the more likely it is for the AI model to get "confused" and generate something that's not exactly as you imagined it. When it comes to making simple images like logo design, I believe that you should keep your prompts as concise as possible.

Before I share my prompt examples, I want to mention one important thing. And that's specifying the type of logo you want created. There are many different types of logos that exist, but I primarily focus on four different categories:

  • Pictorial logos
  • Mascot logos
  • Abstract logos
  • Emblem logos

I believe that you'll get the best results from text-to-image models when you instruct AI to make one of these four types of logos.

14 Dall-E 3 Prompt Examples for Logos

Since I don't have any companies or brands that I need logos for, I just came up with random examples to show you what the Dall-E 3 model is capable of. Here are 14 Dall-E 3 prompts examples for logos.

prompt #1: mascot logo of a wise owl adorned in medieval armor, projecting wisdom and resilience

owl mascot logo prompt dalle 3

There are multiple types of small businesses that you can use this logo for. The first that comes to mind is a souvenir shop, especially considering that the owl is wearing medieval armor. However, you can also use it for a bookstore since owls are a symbol of wisdom.

prompt #2: pictorial mark logo depicting a decadent cupcake adorned with edible flowers, bakery logo, 2D illustration, enticing

pictorial mark logo prompt dalle 3

I love the fact that there is a ribbon at the bottom of the cupcake where you can insert the name of your bakery. There are no errors here, and the image looks great. My only "issue" is that you can easily tell that this logo was created with AI. However, considering how much of an impact this technology has had, I wouldn't be surprised if this type of aesthetic becomes the most popular in the near future.

prompt #3: abstract mark logo illustrating a burst of stardust, vivid teal color, enigmatic, cosmic vibes

abstract mark logo prompt dalle

Now, this is a logo that I really like. It incorporates a minimalist art style and I love how the teal color of the stardust and the cosmic background blend. I love learning about the universe, hence why I wrote this prompt. However, I'm not exactly sure what type of business this logo could be used for. But I guess that virtually any abstract mark logo can be used for tech companies.

prompt #4: abstract mark logo featuring an interstellar highway of glowing ideas speeding through the cosmos, vector art, futuristic, mind-bending

abstract mark logo prompt example dalle

It's important to consider what type of keywords you'll use in your prompts. Other than defining a logo type, you can also use keywords like 'vector art' to further specify how you want the logo to look. This design would be perfect for an indie film studio that focuses mostly on sci-fi movies.

prompt #5: emblem logo of a swirling tornado of binary code, futuristic blue hue, captivating, digital prowess

emblem logo prompt dalle

At the time of writing this article, Midjourney doesn't really have the capability to consistently place ones and zeros in a logo design with this prompt. That's where Dall-E 3 really shines though. There are only a few ones that look weird in this design, but otherwise, the logo is remarkable.

prompt #6: mascot logo featuring a crafty ferret with a detective's hat, magnifying glass in hand

mascot logo prompt example dalle

Some of the most popular mascot logos include Pringles, Michelin, KFC, Reddit, and Android. In order to create a good mascot logo, you need to come up with a memorable character. Thankfully, the Dall-E 3 model is excellent when it comes to generating good characters.

prompt #7: pictorial mark logo showcasing a tranquil Zen garden with meticulously raked sand, meditation center logo, minimalist and serene

pictorial mark logo prompt example dalle

If you have a meditation center, you should have a logo that is calming. It needs to represent what your establishment is about. I think that this logo is perfect for a meditation center. The raked sand looks really inviting. I kept my prompt vague in terms of color, but remember that you can always specify a certain color palette when writing instructions for the AI model.

prompt #8: pictorial mark logo featuring a stack of pancakes with a cascade of maple syrup, breakfast cafe logo, 2D art, inviting

pictorial mark logo prompt example dalle 3

Let's say that you plan on opening a breakfast cafe soon and you need a logo. With Dall-E 3, you can create a logo design in under a minute. Pancakes are one of the most popular symbols of breakfast, so it makes sense that you use them for the design.

prompt #9: pictorial mark logo of a futuristic holographic apple, sleek and shiny design, minimalist, 3D illusion

futuristic apple pictorial mark logo dallle

This is arguably the best logo design I created while writing this article. I think that it would best suit a tech company but you wouldn't really want an apple for that type of business since you'd be copying the idea behind one of the biggest businesses on the planet. I don't know if you could get away by using an apple as a logo for pretty much any business considering how big the Apple company is. Nevertheless, I created this logo to showcase the capabilities of the Dall-E 3 model.

prompt #10: abstract mark logo portraying a celestial black hole, deep and mysterious, cosmic wonders

abstract mark logo prompt dalle 3

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when I sent this prompt to ChatGPT 4. When it returned this result, I was pleasantly surprised. This is much better than I expected. I like the color scheme here.

prompt #11: emblem mark logo illustrating a serene waterfall cascading down a mountain, embodying the force of nature and adventure

emblem mark logo prompt dalle

This is a nice emblem logo that I think could be used for either a sport's clothing brand or a company that sells bottled water. The design promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

prompt #12: abstract mark logo combining interconnected gears and puzzle pieces, representing the complexity of problem-solving and innovation

abstract mark logo prompt example dalle 3

When you instruct a generative AI model to create an image that consists of many objects, there are bound to be some errors. Certain puzzle pieces and gears look a bit off, but you shouldn't really expect perfection when you only write a few lines of text and get the image generated in 15 seconds. Overall, I really like this design but I'm not sure what type of business it could be used for.

prompt #13: pictorial mark logo of a sleek, silver robot cat, modern and futuristic, simple illustration, vector art

pictorial mark logo silver cat prompt dalle

Take a moment to analyze how I structure my prompt here. I started by specifying the type of logo I wanted to see created. I then gave an incredibly basic description of the main theme that should be featured in the design, followed by a few different keywords. This is in my opinion the best way to write a prompt for a logo. The result is a very minimalist style design that could be used for a variety of companies.

prompt #14: emblem logo of an antique telescope surrounded by astronomical symbols, reflecting a passion for exploration and discovery

emblem logo telescope prompt dalle

As I was writing this I realized that I might've focused too much on the space-themed logos in this article. But every one of them turned out magnificent, so I guess it all worked out.

Final Thoughts

There are some logos that really stand out. For instance, the futuristic holographic apple looks amazing. That would be great for a tech company. I also really like the black hole logo, which was much better than I imagined when I was writing the prompt.

Are these logos better than what you'd get if you were to hire a graphic designer to make one for your brand? Probably not, and that's okay. Remember that this is simply a very affordable way to get a good logo until you decide to hire someone that's going to come up with a symbol for your brand.

If you're a prompt engineer or at least want to become one, then I think you can use your skills to sell the logos you create with Dall-E 3. All you need is creativity.

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