Midjourney Prompts for NFT Art (+ Prompt Examples)

Creating appealing NFTs is not an easy process, but learning to create good Midjourney prompts can help inspire your art.

I learned about NFTs a few years ago after CryptoPunks became popular. Not long after that, everybody from Paris Hilton to Eminem began showing off their Bored Apes.

At first, I didn't pay much attention to the NFT world. But as my understanding of the technology behind it began to grow, I understood that it had massive potential to be implemented in the real world.

Everything from plane tickets to gym memberships may be in the form of NFTs in the future, but it's too early to claim something like that will happen for certain.

NFT culture is definitely interesting. I may or may not be very familiar with NFTs on a few different blockchains. I know that many people hate NFTs, but I think that if you'd spend some time researching the tech behind them, you'd realize why they're great.

One thing is for certain - NFTs have helped countless artists across the globe promote and sell their art who otherwise would've never had the platform to do so. That's why today I'm going to talk about how you can create NFT art in Midjourney.

midjourney prompts for nfts

What Is an NFT?

I feel like before we get down to the Midjourney prompts for NFT art, it's important to take a minute or two and talk about what an NFT is. The acronym stands for non-fungible token. It's essentially a record on a blockchain that's associated with a particular digital or physical asset.

Since the technology allows for various applications, it's hard to define an NFT. Some NFTs give you entrance to an elite community of entrepreneurs in the web3 space. Others simply represent art.

I don't know much about creating an NFT project or community, which is why I'm going to focus solely on the art aspect.

Ever since Midjourney became a thing, there have been a number of AI artists who have stood out from the average users. Thanks to NFTs, they're able to seamlessly market and sell their art.

It's super important to mention that if you're selling AI-generated art, you should always mention that it was created with artificial intelligence.

How to Write Midjourney Prompts for NFT Art

The first thing I have to mention in this section of the article is that there is a big distinction between 1/1 art in the NFT world and generative collections.

Generative collections usually contain characters/mascots or however you want to call them. They've so far usually been animals (sometimes they're humans) and are meant to represent your digital identity in the virtual world.

There are of course other NFTs that provide a certain service that look like cards or tickets, but that's not at all relevant to the article I'm writing today.

The 1/1 art scene in the NFT space is different. NFTs like this can also include characters, but they're often intricate pieces that represent some sort of abstract art. However, they can also be just about anything you'd see in the world of visual arts.

I will include prompts for both types of NFTs.

Your prompts will vary heavily depending on what you're looking to create. To give you inspiration for your prompts, I would like to direct you to two of my articles.

The first is an article on Midjourney prompts for digital art. This is a great starting place if you want to create 1/1 NFT art.

The second article is about Midjourney prompts for characters. This would be an excellent place to learn how to generate cute characters in Midjourney.

Before we get down to the prompts for this article, there is one more thing I want to mention. I feel like it's best to use the default 1:1 aspect ratio in Midjourney for NFT art. I will be using it in all of my prompts because this is the format I've gotten used to in the NFT world. If you want, you can set a different aspect ratio in your prompts.

12 Midjourney Prompts for NFTs

There will be a lot of variety in my prompts for this article. My plan is to show you how you can generate just about anything you'd commonly see in the NFT space. Here are some of my favorite Midjourney prompts for NFT art.

/imagine flat illustration, animal character illustration, cute steampunk style fox wearing a white doctor's robe and safety goggles, looking at the camera, comic book style character, nft art --v 5

midjourney prompt for nft art

I could easily imagine this type of illustration being in a generative NFT collection. It's a great profile picture. However, I feel like it's important to note that it would be best to use art like this only as a reference to show a digital artist in which direction you want to take the art for your NFT project.

In case you're the artist, you can use prompts like this for inspiration. It'll often happen that you'll run into a wall when you're creating art. Midjourney is an excellent tool that can quickly inspire you.

/imagine close-up shot, flat illustration, animal character illustration, happy bull wearing a sombrero and smoking a cigar, looking at the camera, cartoon style art, upper body portrait, nft art --v 5

midjourney prompts for nfts bull

This is also a great reference image that you can use if you're making art for a generative animal NFT project. I feel like it's super helpful to use keywords like "flat illustration" and "upper body portrait" when you're writing Midjourney prompts for NFT art.

/imagine close-up shot, upper body portrait, flat illustration, male warrior from the future wearing high-tech armor and holding a laser pistol, sci-fi, cyberpunk, futurism, nft, nft art --v 5

midjourney nfts cyberpunk prompt

The characters in generative NFT art collections don't always have to be animals. They can be human too. This is an example of a human NFT character that could easily be used as inspiration for a collection featuring warriors from the future.

/imagine psychedelic art, secrets of a long forgotten civilization, ancient knowledge, power of math, the birth of intelligent beings, enigmatic, mystical, long lost secrets --v 5

midjourney prompt 1 of 1 nft

This is something reminiscent of what you would encounter from certain artists in the 1/1 NFT world. I was trying to tell a story with the keywords I used in this prompt. But to produce good art, I felt like this was important to keep the prompt somewhat abstract. That's how you get the model to generate insane results.

/imagine abstract art, let there be light, the birth of colors, atoms colliding to create the universe, an endless sea of existence, home to everyone, extra dimensions, perception of the unknown --v 5

midjourney prompt abstract art nft

I'll say it once more - when I'm creating art like this in Midjourney, I want my prompts to be quite abstract. I want to use random keywords and see what the AI model will generate based on them. In my experience, this technique has worked incredibly well for creating digital art.

If you were to turn an image like this into an NFT, you'd need to upscale it because the resolution you get in Midjourney is not that great. You can find out how to increase the resolution in my article about upscaling Midjourney images with Upscayl. With this open-source software, you'll be able to upscale your images in less than a minute.

/imagine illustration, upper body portrait, skeleton knight wearing a heavy armor, RPG style art, video game character, nft, nft art --v 5

midjourney prompt rpg skeleton nfts

If you don't want to use animals or humans in a generative NFT art collection, why not choose a supernatural being as a central character? Skeletons make for very cool profile pictures, which would encourage NFT supporters to use them on social media as their digital identity.

/imagine pixel art, simple pixel art, 32 bits, upper body portrait of an evil genius --v 5

midjourney prompt pixel art nft

Due to the insane popularity of the CryptoPunks NFT collection, pixel art has become prominent in the NFT space. You will see a lot of projects using pixel art to create characters for their collection. The fun thing about Midjourney is that you can create pixel art in less than a minute.

/imagine abstract art, recursion, recursive shape, simple, minimalistic, thought provoking --v 5

midjourney prompt abstract nft

It's always fascinating to me how a simple prompt in Midjourney can produce such great results. I find that this is especially the case when you're making abstract art. It's fun to write prompts with recursion as the central part. I advise you to make edits to my prompt to see how you can change the output by using different keywords or adding new details.

/imagine nouveau style art scene showing a man reaching a state of enlightenment, meditation, otherworldly experience, answers to life's mysteries, divine knowledge --v 5

midjourney nft prompt example

I love this art style! You can get extremely good results if you use it when you're trying to create a religious scene or something similar. This is exactly what I aimed to do with my prompt, and I couldn't be happier with the generated output.

/imagine flat illustration, animal character illustration, 2D art, penguin wearing a beanie hat and a jacket, cartoon style art, upper body portrait, nft art --v 5

midjourney nft prompt flat illustration

Let's bring it back to the generative animal NFT art collections. This is an excellent example of how you can create a beautiful reference image for an NFT collection with only a few lines of text.

/imagine close-up shot, upper body portrait, flat illustration, female healer living in a high fantasy world who has the power to bring people back to life and heal any wounds, a bring green aura shining around her --niji 5

midjourney prompt fantasy female nft

I wrote this prompt to show you that you can create outstanding NFT art for generative collections in Midjourney if you use the Niji Model 5.

This model can provide you with breathtaking results, as you can see in the image above.

/imagine psychedelic art, fusion of the essential elements, everything on Earth being born at the same time, whispers from the creator, words carrying life, time is being created --niji 5

midjourney prompt for nfts niji model

I've decided to make one more image using the Niji Model 5. But this time I didn't want to generate an image of a character. Instead, I wanted to create a beautiful piece of art.

I used the same technique as I've used for other pieces that would qualify as 1/1 NFT art. The point is to write down several different abstract phrases that sort of make sense to blend together. It doesn't matter if there is a lack of coherence in a prompt like this. The fun part is seeing what the text-to-image model will produce based on your random combination of keywords.

That's about it as far as Midjourney prompts for NFT art go. I hope you enjoyed the prompts I came up with and that they inspire you to create cool art.

Final Thoughts

It's difficult to explain exactly what an NFT is in terms of art because it can literally be just about anything. You can turn a photograph into an NFT.

You can make a cute dinosaur character and turn it into an NFT.

That's why there is a lot of variety in the prompts for this article. If you're an aspiring AI artist, you can promote your art on Twitter and gain supporters who would gladly pay for an NFT of your work if they like what you're doing.

The limited supply and proof of ownership are exactly why serious collectors have become interested in NFTs over the last few years.

Have fun creating and I hope you're able to find success in the NFT space.

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